Why is Ubuntu so lagging with Nvidia

Linux inventor Torvalds fights for desktop and insults Nvidia

Linux has a hard time on the desktop
Image: isc.tamu.edu According to its inventor Linus Torvalds, the free Linux operating system can only assert itself on the desktop market with pre-installed systems. In front of students at Aalto University in Helsinki, the Finn referred to the enormous success of Linux in the mobile communications market, where 900,000 devices with the Android operating system are activated every day. Android is based on the Linux operating system.

Linux has a hard time on the desktop
Image: isc.tamu.edu The virtual desk of a conventional PC is the only area in which "Linux is not by far at the top," admitted Torvalds. "I'm mad at that." However, penetrating the desktop is very difficult. Most consumers did not want to install the operating system on the machine themselves, but preferred to buy a preconfigured system. "This not only applies to the desktop, but also to mobile phones." The reason that Linux is so successful in the mobile market is solely due to the fact that the system is pre-installed by the manufacturers.

Torvalds is hoping for new ultrabooks

Torvalds sees the greatest opportunity for Linux on desktop computers in projects such as Google's Chromebook. The devices, which are produced by manufacturers such as Samsung, Acer and Lenovo, run on a Linux system and Google's Chrome browser. The first generation of Chromebooks was still "slow and terrible". The second generation, which will be presented at the Google I / O developer conference in San Francisco next week, will be much faster. "You don't land the hit with the first or second generation. With the third maybe. With the fourth or fifth generation, it gets really interesting." Android did not establish itself on the market with version 1.0 either.

"Nvidia, fuck you!"

Torvalds also used his appearance at Aalto University for a sharp attack on the chip manufacturer Nvidia, because the company does not provide Linux drivers for a number of products, including the Nvidia Optimus technology, which dynamically switches between several graphics Chips can switch. The technology ensures lower power consumption in the end devices, as the test showed - just not for Linux users. Nvidia is more an exception than the rule among hardware manufacturers - but "one of the biggest problem cases". Torvalds claimed Nvidia was by far the worst company he had ever dealt with. Then, amid the laughter of the audience, he shouted into the camera with a stretched middle finger: "Nvidia, fuck you!" (Minute 49:57 in the video).

Linus Torvalds in Hesinki in the detailed video