How much does Donald Trump's haircut cost

Strands don't lie

It'll be expensive again tonight. As has been known since Trump's uncovered tax levies, he has estimated his hair to be around $ 70,000 a year. And that was just the styling as the host of "The Apprentice" on NBC. The first TV duel with Joe Biden, on the other hand, will be broadcast from 3 a.m. German time on ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox and NBC, and an audience of up to 100 million viewers is expected. Every hair has to fit. Even more so since then half the nation has known what this soufflé thing is for.

Of course, the question arises: $ 70,000 for hair. Is that possible? Or even $ 95,646? The amount allegedly spent on Ivanka Trump's hairstyles.

After the hair leaks, the Huffington Post started a quick poll among hairdressers and stylists. Result: Even if Trump had excessively streaked and colored and booked additional medical treatments, such as so-called hair plugs, So plugs of hair to make the fluff look fuller, it is damn hard to come up with such sums. It would look different if he employed a hairstylist on call. Then the annual salary for such a top worker in New York could quickly be 80,000 to 100,000 dollars. It would never occur in your life to defend Donald Trump for anything, but Anna Wintour also has the concrete bob straightened every morning. Lady Di employed star stylist Sam McKnight for her "problem whirlwind". In short: Even if the result mostly doesn't look like it, especially on runways around the world - it can be assumed that Trump also has a permanent specialist on hand.

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That, of course, puts the shitstorm that the Democratic MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received from the Republican camp last year in a completely new light: she had a haircut and highlights for an unbelievable $ 250. She could easily do that 280 times to catch up with Trump's hair maintenance.

So how much can politician hair cost? Good genes, age-related hair loss and personal styling talent left out. As is well known, Gerhard Schröder went to the star hairdresser Udo Walz, but he did not dye, as we still know from the so-called temple affair. Walz had sworn to assure the Chancellor that he had "never dyed his hair."

Ms. Merkel also goes to Udo Walz, but only once a month, as he once explained to the world a few years ago. With washing, laying, blow-drying, cutting and strands, it currently starts at »around 180 euros«, according to the salon on Ku‘Damm. Even with Ursula von der Leyen it could hardly be less. Especially since she doesn't go to the hairdresser, but the hairdresser, at least earlier in Berlin, comes to her. If, of course, such a perfectly fitting step-by-step structure emerges, taxpayers will certainly be happy to cost something. After all, a country or even a continent is represented here. And we really saw enough badly fitting hair during the lockdown.

In the end we almost forgot François Hollande. The former French president has had such a trump hair problem. In 2016 it became known how much his then Élysée hairdresser earned; at state expense naturellement. It was exactly 9895 euros per month. Extrapolated for the year, this means 118,740 euros.

Typical Instagram comment: "Washington. 9 pm. Perfect hold: Drei Wetter Taft «
This is what the hairdresser next door says: "I'll do it for you for half."
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