Is my family weird 1

my family is so ...... weird


my brother and my father flew to egypt for 2 weeks. they took off last saturday. instead of letting me know, they just ran away without me being able to say goodbye. I was able to let my aunt know in good time, as she had to drive back from the airport, since my mother doesn't leave. instead of that i could have driven, no, the beautiful car ..... (my mother) while i drove a brand new audi tt, audi a4, etc, all new cars with no scratches or nothing on them. besides, I didn’t even let lightning or anything else. then she says i can pick them up from the airport. but not with the astra !!! I can't ride mine because it grinds without end (a bit of wide tires and thick rims, didn't have time to pull the bike out)). end of the song i haven't spoken to my mother for 1 week. I don't see it either, because everything I say is wrong and only what she says is true. she would have called me and all that. but that's not the case, because I only have a cell phone and I ALWAYS have it with me. next saturday the two will be back, and there should be a welcome barbecue. I think I won't go there, although I'm sorry for my brother again. I don't understand how you can be as unfair as my mother. she had a knee surgery 2 months ago and has since been completely changed. partying, drinking and all that. she hasn't done that before. and she wasn't like that to me before.

sorry for all that, I'm really sorry ...


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