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Studied at York St John University

The range of courses, quality of teaching and excellent facilities make York St John University one of the world's leading universities in business programs. In our experience, many of the students come to Huntington School to improve their business English and thus secure employment in the European and / or world market. Studying at York St John University in York is therefore the perfect last step to support this ambition.

If a student chooses to attend St John University, the homestay and after-school care the student enjoyed while at York College / Bootham School can be easily transferred. This ensures a seamless and safe transition from York College / Bootham School to one of the best universities in England.

To support this transition in advance, German students from York College / BoothamSchool are invited to special events with leading British executives responsible for global developments and “innovative” technologies. In addition, there is currently the opportunity to work on business projects with current York St John University business students and representatives from the industry such as BMW / Mini.

German students are invited to tailored guided tours, admission and course advice at York St John University during their stay at the Huntington School to help them choose the right course in York for them.

York St John welcomes international students from all over the world. Our experience of German students is incredibly positive. They are hard working and incredibly enthusiastic learners who give so much to both the Business Degrees and University life in general.

Noel Dennis
Associate Dean for Business at York St John University