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Compliments for girlfriend: women like that!

Finding compliments for the girlfriend or for women in general, which do not sound awkwardly clumsy, seems to be difficult for many men. We want to help! It's not that difficult to give us sweet compliments, is it, ladies? So if your friend still needs some tutoring, you should show them our tips and a few examples from our best-of list. This is how you make nice compliments!

Of course we like to be flattered. Especially in a relationship, when silly pick-up lines and other half-hearted advances are finally behind you and you have found Mr. Right, everything will be better. If he also manages to give you some great compliments, we couldn't be happier! But what if he is a little frugal here because he may not know what exactly to say? Time to give him a few pointers here and there as to what we want to hear.

Sweet compliments for the girlfriend that will make your heart melt

Sure, there's no point if you tell him the things he should say or write to you. After all, they should come from the heart and not just be parroted. Still, it can't hurt to get a little inspiration and food for thought, right?

We did a little browsing and put together the nicest compliments and sayings that our desired readers and we ourselves have already received:

  • "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."
  • "You smell good."
  • "You look beautiful with no make-up."
  • "For me you are most beautiful when you wake up in the morning with tousled, uncombed hair and no make-up."
  • "Where have you been? I missed you! All my thoughts were buzzing and still buzzing exclusively around you! "
  • "You are my real dream woman because you are simply the best, with all your strengths and flaws."

  • "I don't know anyone who can cook as well as you." (Yes, we also like to hear compliments for our domestic skills without immediately interpreting it as a patriarchal attack.)
  • "You look really cute with glasses." (Sometimes we just feel insecure ...)
  • "You are so sexy." / "I love your bottom!" (Always flattering, especially in long-term relationships!)
  • "It seems as if you are looking directly into my soul and touching my heart."
  • "You have such beautiful, soft lips, I would like to kiss you all the time."
  • "I've never seen such beautiful eyes."
  • "I like your hands." / "I think your size is great!" (Which woman doesn’t know the parts of the body that you don’t like at all?)
  • "You're addicting ..."
  • “Do you know that you are the first woman I like to come home to? Because I keep noticing that the best you can have is in bed at home and waiting for you. "
  • "You are very different from other women."
  • "In my eyes you're perfect. The best woman in the world. "
  • "You are the cheese on my pizza." (Hey, we love pizza and creative comparisons!)
  • “You are so patient with me. Your Spirit Animal would be a fat, lazy St. Bernard who can't be upset. " (Well that fat and lazy ... but hey, still creative!)
  • “I'm glad I have you. You are a great woman."

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Well, did your heart just melt? Or do you find some sayings too trite, flat and greasy? We are at least quite delighted with the sweet compliments that some men have come up with for their girlfriend ...

Tip: Compliments should always be honest!

An important tip to all men out there who want to tell a woman how great they think she is: Try to let your heart speak. Simply from the gut. We don't expect any love poems or perfectly rehearsed acting interludes. On the contrary: Even when compliments sound a bit awkward, but are consistently meant honestly and lovingly, it melts our hearts. Nobody can pretend the most beautiful thing you can say to a woman.

Incidentally, this also applies to a certain spontaneity. Instead of a candle light dinner, an unexpected compliment between supermarket shelves, in the shower or when tidying up comes in surprisingly and particularly beautifully. And even if you've been with your partner for a long time, compliments never lose their importance. You can see in our gallery which phases of the relationship are a little more difficult and when you should make special efforts to look after your partner:

Some men succeed better than others in finding flattering compliments for their girlfriends. Which love compliments have you already received that stuck in your memory? If your friend is taciturn and sparing with loving statements, don't get angry. If it really bothers you that you rarely get compliments, it will definitely help if you bring them to their attention. Or maybe you overlooked how much your boyfriend values ​​you because he shows you his love in a different way?

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