When should I monetize a blog?

Earn money with your own blog

  description advantage disadvantage Direct marketing Rental of advertising space on your own ✔ price can be determined by yourself; no agency fee ✘ High effort (especially when it comes to customer acquisition) Sponsored Posts Editorial, paid contributions on a given topic / product ✔ Links the aspect of advertising with relevant information for the reader ✘ mandatory labeling; sometimes the blogger risks his credibility towards the visitors Affiliate marketing Recommendation of products or services as part of a post ✔ Option to make money with little effort; also possible with a small number of visitors ✘ Blogger only earns if the placement is successful (reader follows recommendation); steers users away from the blog Pay per click advertising Rental of advertising space via an external service ✔ Advertisers don't have to be found yourself ✘ The blog owner only receives money when the reader clicks on the ad; the revenue per click depends on the traffic Selling own products / services In addition to the editorial content, the blogger also offers its own services and goods ✔ Additional offers offer visitors added value and help to attract new regular readers ✘ high effort; Risk of losing the reader due to too much information and products being offered Paid content The blog or certain articles are only activated after a fixed fee has been paid ✔ Stable source of income; Blogger is not as dependent on traffic as it is with advertising cooperations ✘ Assumes a good image and the right target group; great competition on the web from similar free content donate The reader is actively encouraged to support the blog financially (on a voluntary basis) ✔ Easy to integrate source of income that can be very useful, especially in the start-up phase ✘ Unsuitable for professional blogs of a certain size Link sale Selling links in published articles ✔ Simple source of income; Processing via specialized services ✘ Unmarked advertising links violate Google guidelines