How do I light a gas grill

Handling the gas grill: tips, safety measures and things to know

Before each use, the gas grill should be checked for defects or damage. (Photo by: Larineb / Depositphotos)

If you buy a gas grill, you should be aware that using it is a little more difficult and technically more complex than using other types of grill.

Starting with the gas, which is used when grilling in the form of propane or butane gas, more can simply go wrong when grilling with the gas grill. There is even a risk of explosion if the gas bottles are handled incorrectly and the gas is used incorrectly.


The first thing to do after purchasing the gas grill is definitely this manual read carefully. A good dealer also provides information about many important precautionary measures and requirements when using the gas grill during the sales pitch. If you have purchased a used gas grill, the instructions can usually be found on the manufacturer's website.

In this case you should definitely use the Examine gas hoses for cracks, holes, and porous material. They should definitely be replaced after 3 to 5 years. For the search for holes there are special spray solutions on the market that show holes by the formation of bubbles.

When setting up the grill, make sure that the hoses do not hit parts that get very hot during grilling because they can damage them and cause gas to escape. This also applies to dripping fat or other hot liquids.

Ignite and preheat

The lid of the gas grill must be used for lighting open be. If the lid remains closed for a long time and gas is already flowing out, then there is Risk of explosion. To avoid accidents, do not lean over the grill surface when lighting.

If the burner does not ignite within 10 seconds of the gas supply, it should be closed and the lid should be left open for 5 minutes until the gas that has flowed into the grill is vented. Only then is a new attempt possible. This rule of 10 seconds to 5 minutes also applies if the burner goes out during grilling.

While grilling

The most important rule when grilling with the gas grill:

ALWAYS stick to the grill!

Only then can you have everything under control and changes in view as much as possible. The grill should definitely be on one well-ventilated placeso that excess gas as well as smoke and vapors can be extracted.

While grilling, no highly flammable liquids may be stored or used near the grill because their vapors could ignite on the burner. Of course, a hose must never be disconnected while the grill is in operation and while the gas bottle is open.

To avoid accidents, you should always stay with the grill while grilling. (Photo by: donogl / Depositphotos)

Special notes

Anyone who owns a gas grill should be familiar with handling gas cylinders. These must always standing but must never be stored in the basement, because the gas that may escape in the event of a leak is heavier than air and there is not only a risk of suffocation but also a risk of explosion.

For transport, the gas bottles should be loaded into the car in an upright position, where they must be secured against falling over. You should also not stay in the car longer than necessary, as they represent a major source of danger in the event of an accident.

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