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In this way, you can efficiently manage and analyze your digital data on the Internet for searching

Without analytics, we are blind in the digital space. Companies can only make efficient decisions in order to grow healthily with the right technology. Yext bundles the relevant information about your brand on one platform.

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Data as the basis for company decisions

The first digital touchpoint with a company today is often not its own website. There are countless platforms on which information can be found. Brands actively and passively create data in many different places on the Internet. Often this data is not maintained by the company itself, but is generated by customers, potential customers or completely independent persons.

Keeping track of it is almost impossible. But in order to be able to make really data-based decisions, all nodes must be included and analyzed. In particular, companies with multiple locations, representatives or events are faced with a mammoth task here.

Yext makes the impossible easy: A unified, bird's-eye view of business information on the web. In this way, quick decisions can be made in day-to-day business, as can fundamental investment issues.

Yext Analytics centralizes your data

With Yext Analytics, companies get more insights into their online visibility on the one hand and information on how consumers find them or talk about them on the other. To do this, the tool combines data from various pages, platforms and devices such as Google My Business, Search Console and Facebook Social Analytics. But not only third-party platforms can be managed in this way - the App Directory and Yext API even synchronize the data of your own internal systems.

So the user always has an eye on the performance. Individual dashboards, which can be tailored for each employee - whether CEO, CMO or social media manager - help in particular.

I. Analytics for listings

Google, Amazon Alexa, Bing, Facebook or Yelp - the directories in which brands must be present are numerous. Yext creates a holistic view of the entries and lets you manage them easily and securely. Yext's direct interfaces with third-party providers make it possible to get a central overview of how consumers interact with your brand in all these places. Find out where you can complete your profile, suppress duplicates, check publisher suggestions or sync additional accounts with Yext.

II. Analytics for reviews

In the age of the Internet, ratings are often the deciding factor when buying a product or using a service. Since ratings are generated by users, they are usually outside the brand's sphere of influence. It is important to actively initiate, control and respond to reviews and ratings in order to benefit from customer ratings. With the help of analytics for reviews, your locations can be divided into top performers and low performers, analyzed according to certain keywords or compared with nearby competitors. This makes it easy to determine where your improvement measures should be focused.

Focus on customer interactions with the brand

The holistic view of engagement with brands is unique and promises to put customers at the center of attention. Whether it is about questions of visibility, acquisition or interactions - Yext has the answer. Request a free platform demo now to see what Yext can do for you.

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