What starts cross-dressing

Self-realization through crossdressing - living between worlds

Self-realization begins with courage

It's #break of courage Monday!

In my job I help people to realize themselves.

We all are dreamer with small and big goals. Having goals in life is important for us to evolve.

But sometimes we feel stuck. Or we are afraid that our project will fail. We are insecure, pessimistic or always put ourselves last while we please others.

We'll never reach our goals like this!

I've dealt with a lot of people Treasure hunt go. That means we find personal strengths and uniqueness together. In doing so, I get people out of their comfort zone, because that's the only way they can grow beyond themselves. My aim is to realize goals and visions in a protected environment.

Who am I? Who do i want to be

An important question that comes up again and again in the process of self-realization is the question of that authentic me. Self-confidence and self-realization only work if we know ourselves and then accept it.

Often we need external stimulus to find ourselves.
That's why I launched the #break of courage Monday. It's an opportunity to share stories from people who have been transformed. You took the plunge into the deep end. You learned to swim.

In this post I want to share a story of a courageous person who does the Fashion as an expression of personality recognized:

I love the person in the mirror

“I finally see myself as I want to be!

That's what the voice in my head says when I look in the mirror today. There I see a man wearing a dress.

I am fascinated by female fashion, but identify as a man. In technical terminology, this falls into the category Crossdressers. But I don't like to be pigeonholed.

Personally, I wear feminine dresses and skirts because I like them and because I like them myself. The fabrics are soft and flowing - much more comfortable than what I was wearing before. I feel in “women's clothes” liberated and beautiful. There's nothing more to say about that.

However, it was a long and rocky road to the satisfied look in the mirror. My interest in dresses and skirts was suppressed from the start, both from outside (parents, school, society) and from myself. For a long time I thought I was "Kind of sick" and accordingly forced myself into a role in which I actually didn't like myself.

It was a good friend - also a "crossdresser" - who got me out of this hole. I got to know him on the job. I am an engineer, which many consider to be more of a “male profession”.
Well, this colleague has been wearing women's clothes in public for a long time, including at work. He does that with one A matter of coursethat I could only wish for back then. But with his support and his experiences he lured me out of my shell. I am infinitely grateful to him for that.

At first I secretly wore tights and pumps at home. Later also skirts and dresses. Then I dared to go out on the street with my work colleague for the first time.
It was an oppressive feeling and I actually wanted to hide at home immediately.

I felt the looks of the others. How they pierced me. I almost couldn't stand it. But when we got home we talked about it. My friend asked me a question I will never forget. He asked me what I preferred: a fleeting, comical look from a stranger that I probably interpreted more into than necessary. Or a constant inner restlessness and insecurity that is almost in the Self-loathing go in?

The answer is clear!

I would never mine Peace of mind find when I am not allowed to develop outward. Why did I let others decide about my well-being and happiness?

“Women's clothing” is an important part of mine personality. As long as I accept this part of myself and stand by what I like, the dress in my closet is just right for me.

Of course, this is just the beginning. You don't get stronger self-confidence overnight. So I'm not quite where I want to be yet.

But the satisfied look in the mirror and the forcethat I brought up to get there make me happy.

What I want to say with my story ...

To all men who go through the same thing: You are not alone! You are not "crazy" either. Your Feelings are valuableso listen to them. Find support in the community and learn to love yourself for who you are.

To everyone else: Be sensitive to this issue. Disdainful or disbelieving looks hurt. Are open and curious. We're all human!

Thank you, Dr. Stenger that I can tell my story here (anonymously). "

Self-actualization despite oppression

I am delighted with this courageous and uplifting story. This is a real burst of courage! To develop personally in spite of constant oppression requires an incredible amount of energy.
That can hardly be done alone. It's an important step that support to allow from friends.
We should always enjoy self-realization and the newly gained freedom while continuing to work on ourselves.
This is how we can inspire others with our stories.

Do you also want to overcome insecurities?
To try yourself out?
Discover new facets in yourself?
Write to me and start your self-realization!

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Credit: pexels.com