Where does the poet want to go?

Goethe quotes: wisdom of a poet

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) is world famous today. With his poems and great works he shaped literature like no other. We present you the most beautiful Goethe quotes

Goethe: Quotes about people

"Everyone only hears what they understand."

"A clever person finds the best education while traveling."

"Character is based on personality, not talent."

"There is nothing more that people define their character than by what they find ridiculous."

"The real study of mankind is man."

"We are terrified of our own sins when we see them in others."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -

Goethe: Quotes about life

"Doubt grows with knowledge"

"Every moment is of infinite value."

"You can also build something beautiful out of stones that are placed in your path."

"Learn to grow old with a young heart."

"Where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow."

"You don't travel to arrive, you travel to travel."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -

Goethe: Quotes about knowledge

"Whoever is not inquisitive does not know anything."

"Doubt grows with knowledge."

"Every solution to a problem is a new problem."

"One learns wrongly."

"The same thing leaves us alone, but it is the contradiction that makes us productive."

"Everything that is clever has already been thought, you just have to try to think it again!"

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -