What is the best e liquid

This is how you get the best aroma out of your e-cigarette!

One of the many reasons why more and more smokers are saying goodbye to stinky tobacco cigarettes and turning to e-cigarettes is the unbelievable range of liquids available in a wide variety of flavors. From menthol to cherry, from cheesecake to tomato - there is hardly a flavor that has not found its way into the liquid bottle.

However, expectations of the taste of the e-cigarette are not always met. Why is that? Aroma is aroma, right? Not even close! When it comes to the taste of the liquid, numerous factors come together that have a strong influence on the taste development:

Which factors influence the taste development of my e-cigarette?


And even the daily taste perception can change. So there are vapers who like a liquid in the morning - but must not even come near the vapors in the evening. Taste and vaping is a complex topic, but not one that requires a prior study of atomic physics. Everyone can get the (subjectively) best aroma out of the e-cigarette - and we want to give some tips on how!

Which aroma is right for me?

A liquid basically consists of only a few ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine if necessary and the aroma. But of course there are very different flavors that are used for e-cigarettes. Strawberries from one supplier can taste sweet, juicy and fruity, and from another liquid manufacturer they can suddenly taste artificial and sour. Of course, it all depends on your willingness to experiment, how many liquids you try if you have found a favorite for yourself.

Which e-cigarette coils offer the best taste?

The coil is "where the magic happens" - where your liquid is converted into vapor. In the classic coils, a combination of heating wire and fiberglass was used for this. And anyone who wrapped themselves at the time will surely still remember the attempts to take away the peculiar taste of the glass fiber, for example by boiling or scorching.

Today the coils are several steps further and use innovative materials that have no taste of their own and should therefore be able to perfectly reproduce the taste of the liquid. Coils with ceramics are right at the forefront, because in addition to the fact that they can deliver pure taste, they also last longer than conventional coils. And evaporator heads with organic cotton are also used again and again to ensure a good taste in the e-cigarette.

How does the e-cigarette vaporizer affect the taste?

Perhaps you have already observed yourself that the one liquid in vaporizer A tastes very different to you than in vaporizer B. This is due to the different ways the atomizers work. In general, you can differentiate between "warm" and "cold" evaporators. If the atomizer head or the coil is high up near the mouthpiece, the steam does not have enough time to cool down and it comes out of the drip tip accordingly warm. If the evaporator head is on the bottom of the tank evaporator, it can be cooled down and is therefore not as warm.

It is generally said that vaporizers that produce warm steam are particularly good for sweet liquids and coffee liquids (cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc.), for vanilla and co. In other words, almost everything that you would also consume warm "in real".

Cool steam, on the other hand, works particularly well with fresh, fruity, sour or menthol-based liquids.

But of course, at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preferences!

Watt, TC, bypass - which settings of my e-cigarette have an influence on the aroma?

Most mods today have the ability to operate in different modes. From the classic watt mode to the innovative temperature control modes (TC), they all have a direct influence on the aroma of the liquid in your e-cigarette. Here, too, it's up to you to find your personal "sweet spot" where everything is right: the amount of steam and the taste.

What influence does the nicotine strength have on the taste when vaping?

Even if you can hardly believe it: a very big one! The amount of nicotine in the liquid affects how hard or soft the throat hit is. This is the feeling you have when the steam is sucked into your lungs. The more nicotine there is in the liquid, the "harder" the vapor feels and accordingly the liquid tastes different. The lower the throat hit, the more flavor nuances you can taste - mainly because you are not busy coughing your heart out.

Lung steam or baking steam - which pulling technique brings the best taste?

In the meantime, subohm e-cigarettes, in which the resistance of the atomizer heads is less than 1.0 ohm, have almost become standard from a marginal phenomenon. Most of them draw the steam directly into your lungs - en masse. Subohm devices are known to be true "cloud chasers". But can you really enjoy the taste? Let's put it this way: the taste is more in the background.

Taste lovers therefore usually prefer the more leisurely vaping with normal-impedance vaporizers, where the steam is first drawn into the inside of the mouth and then onto the lungs. Here, the aroma of the liquid can develop optimally, and you can also taste finer nuances.

Why do drip vaporizers taste so good?

In addition to the ready-made vaporizers, there are of course also the self-winding ones, and when it comes to "vaping and taste", of course, the drip vaporizers are at the forefront. With these do-it-yourself machines, you can drip the liquid directly onto the atomizer head and naturally get a particularly mature aroma. However, do-it-yourselfers and drippers are not necessarily something for beginners, but rather for experienced vapers who have a good dose of experimentation. Here you can find instructions for self-winding!

Conclusion: The never-ending hunt for the right aroma

If you look at all these factors that have a direct or indirect influence on the taste of your liquid, it quickly becomes clear: there can be no such thing as a universally valid "best taste"! But of course that doesn't mean that you can't find the tastiest liquid for yourself. On the contrary! The hunt for the "one liquid of the liquids" is what makes vaping so attractive: the opportunity to try something new again and again, to get to know new flavors or even to mix your own creations.

And at the end of the day, the same applies to the aroma when vaping: there is simply no arguing about taste!