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Trash sinners - When the trash is dumped illegally

Illegal Garbage Disposal - What a Garbage Detective Can Do For You

Municipalities, cities and private owners of commercial properties and forest areas know the problem: Always recharge Trash sinners illegally collecting trash. The spectrum of these activities is very broad. In principle, throwing away a cigarette butt in the wild or in another, not intended place is one of them illegal garbage disposal. This is all the more true when bulky waste, residual waste or even hazardous waste is illegally dumped.

What does illegal waste disposal mean?

Illegal garbage disposal The term generally refers to the dumping or storage of garbage in places that are not suitable for the disposal of waste official waste disposal are provided. Illegal waste disposal can also be defined as storing, depositing or processing waste outside of waste disposal facilities. To illegal waste disposal Incineration of waste outside of approved facilities also counts here. Garbage offenses are also counted if, for example, old clothes are parked next to the special waste containers due to overcrowded containers.

From these descriptions it can already be seen that garbage offenses can be of very different severity and quality. When evaluating illegal waste dumps, it always depends on which substances, in which quantities and in which places are illegally dumped. It goes without saying that generally hazardous and / or toxic substances that are disposed of illegally lead to particularly serious waste offenses.

Is illegal waste disposal a punishable offense?

Depending on the severity of a failure to dispose of waste, such an act is subject to either Administrative offense law or counts as Offense. In most cases, garbage sinners must therefore at least go with them Fines in some cases considerable amounts. In the criminal area there is a risk of fines and even Imprisonment up to 5 years.
The legislative powers and Responsibilities in the prosecution of garbage offenses is divided between the federal, state and local governments. Often, garbage sinners touch several areas of responsibility with one act.

The regulatory offense law in the field of garbage

At the federal level, the Recycling Management Act (KrGW) provides for fines of up to EUR 100,000 in section 69 (1) number 2 of the KrWG in conjunction with section 28 (1) sentence 1 of the KrWG if household or bulky waste is disposed of outside of waste disposal facilities. In addition, the waste statutes of the federal states and municipalities provide for further sanctions in the regulatory offense law. Offenses in the area of ​​garbage of poor quality, for example violations in the disposal of old clothes, used glass and waste paper, are usually sanctioned at the state and municipal level with a few 100 EUR per violation.

How is the amount of the fine calculated in individual cases?

Usually the competent person exercises authority a discretion if it sets fines in the administrative offense law for garbage offenses. Discretion means that the authority takes a decision on a case-by-case basis within a certain framework, taking into account the circumstances of the case.

The individual fine regulations therefore only see Fine frame in front. The administrative authority examines the circumstances of the individual case and then decides on the amount of the fine to be levied. Commercial entrepreneurs who commit rubbish must always expect higher fines than private consumers. The amount of the fine also depends on what type of garbage, in what quantity and where it was illegally dumped. Hazardous waste and hazardous substances can lead to increased fines.

The following examples are intended to illustrate the amount of typical fines:

Private consumers who illegally dispose of bulky waste can certainly do so Requests for fines in three-digit height calculate. The deposition of Old tires or Waste oil in places not intended for this quickly leads to four-digit fines. The individual federal states have specific catalogs of fines for illegal waste disposal, some of which differ in great detail according to the type of objects deposited. Fines here often start at around EUR 20 and can increase to several thousand EUR.

Anyone interested in the fines catalogs of the individual federal states and municipalities for garbage will find what they are looking for on the Internet. Many authorities now publish the relevant information online. This page https://www.bussgeldkatalog.org/umwelt-muell/ offers a good overview.

The criminal liability of garbage offenses

The criminal code provides in § 326 StGB the criminal offense of the unauthorized handling of garbage. In doing so, illegal waste disposal is sanctioned, which can lead to lasting pollution of a body of water, the air or the soil. It is enough that there is a threat of contamination.

Who, for example, be scrap car Parking illegally in the forest can be punishable under Section 326 of the Criminal Code. Oil and petrol residues can easily penetrate the ground from the vehicle. Anyone who can be convicted of such an act must be expected to be investigated by the public prosecutor. It is a Official offense, that means, the public prosecutor's office has to start the investigation even without a report. Fines are not only based on the usual daily rates, but are also based on the perpetrator's income. You can be sensitive to the perpetrator. This is even more true of imprisonment.

Whether other specific environmental offenses from the penal code come into question in connection with illegal waste disposal activities depends on the circumstances of the individual case. A number of special environmental violations are sanctioned in Sections 324 et seq. Of the Criminal Code. Contamination of water, soil and air each have their own norm. Particularly dangerous substances are also regulated in a separate criminal law standard. This makes it very clear in the Criminal Code that illegal waste disposal is not a trivial offense.

Who can I turn to for illegal garbage disposal?

The local regulatory and environmental authorities are a good address for reporting illegal waste dumps. These authorities now also facilitate reports through appropriate apps and online forms, with which illegal garbage dumps and Rubbish deposits uncomplicated be reported can. The police also receive reports, for example if the scrap vehicle described has been parked in the forest. The Federal Office For Freight transport is responsible for special garbage offenses in which foreign companies or persons are involved who are not based in Germany.

The problem of garbage hotspots

Often, jobs are formed in municipalities, in cities or on properties of private owners that are regularly visited by garbage sinners. Those affected should vigorously oppose such a development. Otherwise, they end up being threatened with an illegal rubbish dump on a large scale. Trash detectives can be a valuable support here.

What are trash detectives and what is their job?

Trash detectives monitor waste disposal in a particular Local area. This can be, for example, business detective agencies on a freelance basis, which are commissioned by private customers. Regularly monitor typical garbage hotspots in municipalities or cities to catch garbage sinners in the act. Some municipalities and also federal states are now setting up rubbish detectives Employee base a. These also check, for example, whether household waste is separated in accordance with the regulations and whether the yellow bins are filled correctly.

A competent commercial detective agency at your side when it comes to garbage

Especially as a private one Real estate and Forest owner illegal landfills can be very troublesome for you. If you don't find out about the trash sinners, they stay Disposal costs in the end hang with you. Illegal garbage disposal can bring you a lot of trouble and a lot of costs. Often you are left with the disposal costs permanently. In addition, there is no way they can promote the development of an illegal dump by condoning illegal dumping. Here you have to be careful not to slip into the context of illegal waste disposal yourself if you do not take care of relevant incidents on your land.

passivity is therefore the worst way to deal with illegal waste disposal. Experienced, competent and prudent detectives can take over the tasks of trash detectives in this context. Commissioning a detective agency increases your chances of naming and identifying the perpetrators of the garbage offenses. In this case, not only fines and possibly also penalties come into consideration as sanctions, but you can also be the rubbish offender civil law in Claim.

With an experienced detective agency at your side, you can face the problem of illegal waste disposal. Your path should lead to an experienced detective today rather than tomorrow. Illegal waste disposal often creates a magical attraction for other rubbish sinners who quickly discover a new hotspot for their illegal activities. Don't let it get that far!