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The changing mat - convenient and safe!

You should definitely have a changing mat because it is the right mat for your baby. The little ones have to have their diapers changed more often and there should be a calm, clean and pleasant atmosphere. With a changing mat, you can change your baby anywhere, including on the couch or table. These documents are available in all colors and the many children's motifs leave nothing to be desired. The pad should be cuddly and soft, as your baby has sensitive skin and it must not be damaged under any circumstances. Make sure that the changing mat is made of easy-care material, it should be able to be wiped or washed. Such documents usually have a raised edge and can be found in a square shape. Of course, the edge is also well padded, the baby should be comfortable and feel completely safe.

A changing mat is a must!

It has not been "wrapped" for a long time, but the pad has kept its name to this day. The modern diapers make "changing" superfluous, they are very easy to change and are simply thrown away. However, you should have the necessary utensils on hand, powder, cream, a wet washcloth and a diaper pail are imperative. It goes without saying that a fresh diaper is ready and wet wipes are also useful when changing diapers. You can dispose of the "used" diaper in the rubbish bin, the baby will laugh happily at you when it is clean and dry again. Here's another tip: never leave the baby unattended on the changing table, the worst falls could happen. Always hold the baby with one hand, better still, you don't dispose of the diaper until you have your child back in your arms. The utensils also have to be within easy reach, you must never leave the changing table.

What should you watch out for when buying?

The changing table covers have the cutest motifs, choose what you like. Sure, pink and light blue are still the classics, but you can find changing table mats in all colors and with child-friendly motifs. The mat must of course fit on the changing table. Changing tables have boundaries that prevent the baby and the mat from sliding away. The support must not be larger than the changing table, accidents are inevitable here. On the changing table you will of course find a shelf for powder, cream and towels and fresh diapers also have a permanent place. A changing table should already be in the nursery, so the baby always has a place to change that is really comfortable and extremely cozy. A special changing table radiant heater can make your baby feel extra comfortable. If you don't want to buy a changing table, you can of course also use the couch or the kitchen table, as long as the utensils are ready, that's fine too.

You can quickly put away a mat for changing, it won't spoil your table all day. But look for a "hidden" place so that the changing mat is really quickly at hand. No matter where the child is being swaddled, it must feel comfortable. When the little ones are "drained", they are in a good mood and babble cheerfully to themselves.

The changing table pads are mostly made of washable materials, but some models are also made of fabric. Just make sure that the changing mat is easy to clean - either it has to be washable or it can be put in the washing machine. Models made of fabric are also recommended, as long as the fabric is really free from harmful substances and the baby's skin does not “rub” under any circumstances. If you choose a textile changing mat, you should have a second one. As long as one of the changing pads is being washed, the second one is used.