What should I wear in LA?

I get asked the question very often how much clothes i have. And then I usually answer, certainly no more than anyone else, me combine just her differently. Finding different combinations takes a lot of inspiration. For this, of course, I am very often “on the Internet”. Instagram, various fashion blogs and above all Pinterest is used for these purposes. When I like something, I usually "pin" it directly on one of my Pinterest boards (here).

What should I wear?

Of course, it is not always easy to know what to wear. I too have often stood in front of my closet and thought to myself: what am I wearing today? And then it usually had to put on, undress, put on, undress…. In the meantime, however, it is working quite well. Today I am listing my top 3 tricks for you:

I. Mucking out

Yes, you read that right, mucking out is the magic word. A full wardrobe where you probably don't wear 1/3 of your clothes any more - only makes everything more confusing. I really muck out my wardrobe regularly - at least twice a year. Since I find it very difficult to dispose of clothes, I put everything in flea market boxes. There are currently 4 pieces - so I'll definitely be there at the next girls' flea market in Graz. But what I always see as an advantage when mucking out: I keep discovering old parts that I just "forgot". In doing so, ideas usually arise immediately on how I can combine the items of clothing.

II. Use Pinterest

Yes, even as a non-blogger you should use Pintererst. For example, you have mom jeans and you don't know how to put them on? Just type in Mom Jeans in your search bar and you'll have hundreds of great suggestions. Or do you like this look, for example, and want to remember it for re-styling? Nothing easier than that. Put a board on, name it and "pin" the picture on your board. For example, I put on a “Streetstyle Autumn / Winter” board. If I don't know what to wear in autumn, I just have a look there and get enough ideas.

II. The emergency look

In an emergency, have a look ready that always works. For me it is, as already written last week - a #allinblack look (Post here). I think black looks always work - just combine the look with sneakers during the day. In the evening maybe wear a red lipstick, high heels and a clutch -> the look is done 🙂

I hope these tips help you a little further. 🙂 By all means let me know in the comments.

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