Is online gambling legal in Kenya?

Climate protectors vs. Shell Climate protection is a human right

Humans have a right to be protected from the consequences of climate change: this has been the case since the Urgenda proceedings in the Netherlands in 2015. Now a Dutch environmental organization and 17,000 citizens want to hold the Shell oil company accountable.

ColombiaProtests against social divide and state violence

Colombia is shaken by uprisings and brutal counter-reactions by the state. The reasons for the protests are manifold: it is about a planned tax reform that should primarily burden the poor, poor pandemic management and skyrocketing unemployment figures. From Burkhard Birke

Rapprochement in Baghdad The strained relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia

After four years of diplomatic radio silence, Saudi Arabia and Iran have met again for talks. That alone counts as progress in the conflict between the two arch-rivals. An overview of the possible effects on the Iran nuclear deal, the civil war in Yemen and the role of Iraq. By Björn Blaschke

IsraelBarta’a: One village, two Corona worlds

The village of Barta’a is divided: one half is in Israel, the other half in the West Bank. While more than 90 percent of the people on the Israeli side were vaccinated against the coronavirus, the vaccination rate on the Palestinian side remains low. With noticeable consequences. From Benjamin Hammer

North Korea A country in double isolation

North Korea is in an extreme dilemma, said North Korea expert Eric Ballbach in the Dlf. In view of the corona pandemic, the country is in a strict lockdown. In addition, there are already strict international sanctions. A first starting point for cooperation could be vaccines. Eric Ballbach in conversation with Andreas Noll

Situation in Syria Less fighting, but great hardship

Over ten million Syrians are currently on the run - abroad as well as in Syria itself. The upcoming Brussels Syria Conference wants to look for perspectives, but the situation of many people is catastrophic, they depend on food aid to survive. From Jürgen Stryjak

Refuge in TaiwanUnregulated residence for Hong Kong refugees

The tensions in Hong Kong have skyrocketed immigration to Taiwan. With over ten thousand people, almost twice as many came in 2020 as in the previous year. However, since Taiwan still has no residence law, the refugees often live in insecurity. By Kathrin Erdmann

Change in suffrage in Hong Kong The end of the democracy movement

By changing its electoral law, China has increased the pressure on Hong Kong and further restricts the scope of the pro-democratic opposition in the Chinese special administrative region. Countless activists are in prison, others have fled abroad. By Ruth Kirchner

Border issues in the Indian OceanWhat Kenya and Somalia are arguing about

For eleven years, the neighboring countries Kenya and Somalia have been fighting over the border in the Indian Ocean. Above all, it is about oil and gas reserves. The International Court of Justice is due to rule on the area from Monday. The conflict between the two states also has other reasons. From Bettina Rühl

Arab Israelis before the election between principle and pragmatism

Israel will soon vote for the fourth time in around two years. But this time the starting position for Arab Israelis is unusual: Prime Minister Netanyahu is campaigning for their votes instead of raising the mood against them. Not without a chance of success, because there is great dissatisfaction with their own political representatives. From Tim Assmann

Trade dispute with ChinaAustralia wants to continue to defy Beijing's influence

Australia knows what it means to mess with one of its most important trading partners - at least since the call for an independent investigation into the origin of the corona virus. But Canberra does not want to give in despite punitive tariffs and collapsing investments. On the contrary. From Andreas Stummer

Maritime lawyer on China's expansion policy "Extension of power in a relatively easy way"

China is creating artificial atolls to consolidate its claim to territory in the South China Sea. This is not only contrary to international law, but also an almost irretrievable destruction of the coral reefs, explained the emeritus professor of the law of the sea, Rüdiger Wolfrum in the Dlf. Rüdiger Wolfrum in conversation with Britta Fecke

Conflict in the Pacific Island Forum Politician: Important climate policy actor is in danger

The personnel dispute at the Pacific Island Forum shows that its vision of regional cooperation and solidarity could very easily tear, said the political scientist Patrick Köllner in the Dlf. However, there are major challenges to be mastered, such as climate change, but also China's role in the region. Patrick Köllner in conversation with Andreas Noll

Uighurs in Turkey Concern for relatives in China

Disappeared children, missing parents, arrested siblings - 50,000 Uyghurs from China have found refuge in Turkey. From there they draw attention to the fate of their family members. So far, they have felt safe in Turkey. But now an extradition agreement threatens. From Susanne Güsten

Migration policy in the corona pandemic Hope for Venezuelan refugees in Colombia

Due to the state crisis in the neighboring country, almost two million Venezuelan refugees live in Colombia, many of them so far without residence status. The government wants to change that now - probably also because of the corona pandemic. From Burkhard Birke

Corona in IsraelHigh infection rates among ultra-orthodox

Israel is supplied with sufficient doses of vaccines and is faster than any other country in vaccinating its population. Nevertheless, the number of infections is increasing dramatically, also because many residents of the Orthodox quarters and cities do not adhere to the Corona measures. From Benjamin Hammer