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Big Hit Music (Korean: 빅 히트 뮤직; formerly Big Hit Entertainment) is a South Korean entertainment company founded by Bang Si-hyuk in 2005. It was later renamed Big Hit Music by its parent company HYBE Corporation, formerly Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. The name change came into effect on March 31, 2021. Big Hit Music is therefore a subsidiary of HYBE. Big Hit is a South Korean music label and entertainment agency. The head office is in the capital of South Korea in Seoul.

Big Hit is the label of the K-Pop band BTS. In the beginning, Big Hit was a rather small label. Big Hit had the breakthrough together with BTS. In 2019, Big Hit focused on optimizing its corporate structure by moving to a multi-label system.


Big Hit Entertainment was founded by music producer Bang Si-hyuk on February 4th, 2005. The music label signed the trio 8Eight two years later. The group disbanded in 2014. But since February 2020 the group under Big Hit (since 2021 Big Hit Music) has been together again.

Big Hit and JYP signed a joint contract with the four-piece K-pop boy band 2AM in 2010. Bang Si-hyuk also hosted a global casting in 2010. In this casting he discovered RM, the first member of the band BTS.

In June 2013, the seven-piece K-Pop boy band BTS made their debut under Big Hit Entertainment, and Big Hit Music since 2021. Big Hit has been her music label ever since. On the basis of the members of BTS, the label created BTS Universe (BU) in collaboration with the band since 2015. Big Hit Music and HYBE also call the universe IP storytelling. The BU tells a fictional story about seven friends who met at school. The characters in the BU have the maiden names of the band members. Big Hit began to tell the story not only in some of the music videos with the band, but also in diary entries that came with the albums or books or webtoons. Big Hit Music and HYBE combined K-Pop with various media and thus created a media franchise.

In 2014, Big Hit's joint contract with JYP expired. Lee Chang-min was the only member of the band 2AM to stay with Big Hit. He later made his debut with Lee Hyun under the name Homme. In 2018 the duo broke up. Lee Hyun continued his music career as a solo singer, but Lee Chang-min left Big Hit.

In March 2019, the five-piece K-Pop boy band TXT (Tomorrow X Together) made their debut under Big Hit Entertainment, since 2021 Big Hit Music. Members: Yeonjun (the elder), Soobin (the leader), Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai (Maknae). Debut mini album "The Dream Chapter: STAR". The music video for "CROWN" from their debut mini album achieved around 15 million views in the first 24 hours after uploading it to YouTube, the record for the most views of a debut music video for a boy band to date. A characteristic of TXT videos is that Morse code can be heard in some of their videos. Also in collaboration with TXT, Big Hit Music and HYBE created a TXT Universe (TU), now also known as THE STAR SEEKERS. The TU is also based on the members of the band and tells a fictional story. In the TU, too, the characters were inspired by the members of the band. Therefore the characters in the TU have the maiden names of the band members. Again, for example, the fictional story is told in some of the band's music videos. Among other things, the TU is about a promise and a star.

Furthermore, Big Hit (since 2021 HYBE) took over the entertainment agency Source Music in 2019. Source Music is now a subsidiary of Big Hit (HYBE since 2021). Source Music includes the six-member girl group GFriend.

In May 2020, Big Hit (since 2021 HYBE) became the majority shareholder of Pledis Entertainment. The company announced that the record label would retain its independence, but its artists (which include boy bands NU'EST and Seventeen) would be promoted more heavily outside of South Korea. The Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) officially approved the acquisition of Pledis by Big Hit (since 2021 HYBE) in October. The following month, Big Hit (since 2021 HYBE) announced that it had acquired KOZ Entertainment, a record label founded by rapper Zico.

Enhypen, commonly stylized as ENHYPEN, is a South Korean boy band formed by Belift Lab (co-managed by CJ ENM) a subsidiary of HYBE. The group was founded as part of the 2020 I-Land survival competition and consists of 7 members: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon and Ni-ki. Enhypen debuted on November 30, 2020 with the extended play (EP) Border: Day One.

Another HYBE subsidiary is Weverse Company (to which the global fan community platform at Weverse belongs.) Since 2021, the New Year's Eve concert series has been available on the Weverse platform: NEW YEAR'S EVE LIVE. In the live stream via the Weverse Shop app (you can buy the concert here) and the live streaming site VenewLive.

On February 17th, Big Hit Music and Universal Music Group (UMG) announced a strategic partnership between the two companies in which they will work together on various music and technology-related projects. Big Hit Music and UMG are planning a K-Pop boy band together.

The mobile game company Netmarble was founded by Bang Jun-hyuk, the cousin of CEO Bang Si-hyuk. For example, Netmarble and Big Hit worked together on the mobile game BTS World.

In 2021, Big Hit announced that it would officially change its name from Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd to HYBE Corporation to "mark its launch as a comprehensive music company". Bang Si-hyuk had previously mentioned that the current company label "Entertainment" no longer includes everything that the agency would offer. In addition, real estate has also been added to the business purpose. HYBE will rent practice rooms and ancillary rooms to its subsidiaries and other affiliated companies. HYBE already lists music production, performance, management and internet business as its goals. Big Hit Entertainment became "Big Hit Music", a subsidiary of HYBE. On Friday, March 19, 2021, they published several videos on YouTube with the titles:" HYBE: NEW BRAND PRESENTATION "," HYBE: WE BELIEVE IN MUSIC "," HYBE: RESTART "," HYBE: HYPER NOMAD "and" HYBE: ABOVE AND BEYOND ", including the video:" WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN? ".

The Hybe Corporation (Korean: 하이브, stylized as HYBE Corporation ) is a South Korean company founded in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk as Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. Founded. The company has several subsidiaries including Big Hit Music, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, Belift Lab, HYBE Labels Japan and KOZ Entertainment, collectively known as HYBE Labels.

On April 5th, 2021 the cooperation between HYBE x Ithaca Holdings was announced.


Big Hit Music


  • 8Eight (2007-2014, 2020-present; co-managed by Source Music)
  • BTS (2013 – present, BTS have extended their contract until approx. 2025; with a BTS Universe)
  • TXT (2019 – present, with a TXT Universe)
  • New Boy Group (debut in 2022)

Solo artist


Producers / Composers


  • Son Sung-deuk
  • Kim Su-bin
  • David DH. park

Source Music


  • GFriend (2015 – present)
  • New Girl Group (debut in 2021; co-managed by Big Hit)

Belift Lab


Pledis Entertainment


Solo artist


KOZ Entertainment


Solo artist

Former artists

Social media

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On their YouTube channel there are for example the following videos: Music videos by the artists of Big Hit Music, Belift Lab and Source Music etc. There are also for example Big Hit [EPISODE] videos and Big Hit Audition videos.

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

  • HYBE labels
    • Big Hit Music
    • Belift Lab (co-managed by CJ E&M)
    • Source Music
    • Pledis Entertainment
    • KOZ Entertainment
    • HYBE Labels Japan
  • HYBE Solutions
    • HYBE 360
    • HYBE IP
    • HYBE Edu
    • Superb
    • HYBE Solutions Japan
    • HYBE T&D Japan
  • HYBE Platforms
  • HYBE America

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