Why do people sing Jai Shri Ram

... build bridges while singing

Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram Orally transmitted / India
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Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram
Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Hanuman 2x

Sita Ram, Sita Ram, ...: ll end: ... Jay Hanuman

Translation and background
Shri (schri): honorable salutation
Jay: praised, honored
Rām (Rāma): «Sea of ​​bliss, source of joy, who rejoices all» / 7th incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu (the preserver and protector) and hero of the great Ramayana epic. He embodies the divine self in us humans, as well as purity, honesty, joy, beauty, love and righteousness, ultimately all human virtues.
Sītā: "the furrow" incarnation of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi (goddess of happiness, love, fertility, prosperity, health and beauty) / wife of Rāmas
Hanuman: Hindu deity shaped like a monkey. In the Ramayana epic he appears as the faithful helper of the god Rama, who helps Rama to free Sita from captivity.

As a divine couple, Sītā and Rāma symbolize both love and loyalty, as well as the union of man with his divine self.


Key / initial notes
D major
1. fis fis g fis - e efis e - fis d d de - d dh d_

D A hm G

Possible design of the song
The song is very suitable for improvising additional voices. It is helpful if you first let people improvise freely on the chord pattern (see above).

One-part main melody to which other freely improvised voices go well.