Who sang the song Wrecking Ball 2013

The most successful music video on the net: Another erotic is possible

Miley Cyrus ’" Wrecking Ball "garnered 371 million views in the first eleven months of 2013. The badass rhetoric leaves no room for subtext.

Close-up on a troubled face. Screenshot: vevo.com

She rides naked on a metal wrecking ball, looking fragile and determined and singing: "We kissed and I fell under your spell." Then the key scene: a close-up on the suffering face, the tongue makes its way through screaming red lips, before they lasciviously play around the tip of a sledgehammer.

The video, published in August, whose gruesome imagery leaves neither room for eroticism nor for a supposedly subversive subtext à la Lady Gaga, is at the top of the year's top ten most successful music videos on the net: it was 371 million times in the first Looked at for eleven months. Affirmative jazzed up by the boulevard and criticized by the established journalle for the clear sexual references, the expected happened: The media rumination led to over-presence.

Cyrus is a product of an economic machine shaped by female sexuality, which still shapes the public image in a world dominated by male libido. As a kind of model Lolita of the 21st century, Miley Cyrus also provides the welcome projection surface. For lustful fantasies of old men, but also for daydreams of teenagers, for whom Cyrus is probably a role model.

Even the biography of the 21-year-old teen star, who was brought up to star by the musician father, country star Billy Ray Cyrus, reads as American Dream: grew up on a farm in the southern USA, first attempts as a cheerleader, later acting and singing lessons, then the leading role in a series, her own clothing line and finally her solo album debut, which raised her to pop Olympus.

Basic ingredient of pop business

In addition, since her transformation from child star to starlet, Cyrus has also provided another basic ingredient in pop business: provocation. Not only did she openly ignite a joint recently at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam, but there is also provocation on a lyrical level. In the current song "We can't stop", for example, she praises the merits of exuberant dancing under the influence of the party drug MDMA.

A more detailed analysis of “Wrecking Ball” then points to a classic subject: love. Cyrus himself commented on the video shortly after it was released: "If you get over my nudity and take a closer look, you can see that I look even more fragile than the song sounds."

Speaking of which: It is clear that in all the debates the music, a kind of synthesized power rock with an absurd dramaturgy between submissive conflict and accusatory desperation, is neglected. The one-dimensional reactions to the video also tell a lot about the state of mainstream society. In a world dominated by the visual, Cyrus is the perfect symbol of contemporary exhibitionism.