How to attach your hair extensions

Clip-In Extensions Instructions: Long hair in no time

Many women want long and full hair, but not everyone is granted this. A great way to enjoy a long head of hair at least for a day are clip-in extensions, which you can get from us with real hair or with Kanekalon synthetic hair. Clip-ins can be easily attached to your own hair, you can read here in our clip-in extensions instructions how exactly it works.

What you need:

  • Clip-in extensions
  • brush
  • Handle comb
  • 1-2 bobby pins

Step 1: compartmentalize

Comb your hair well and part it in with a stick comb individual sections of hair from. To do this, start at the lower head and work your way up. It is important that the section of hair that has been separated is one straight line forms to which the clip-ins can be attached later. Secure the remaining hair with bobby pins at the top of the head. If you want to use 8 hair tresses, then the first section of hair that has been severed should go from ear to ear.

Step 2: inserting on the back of the head

If you have fine hair, backcomb Lightly touch the separated section of hair. This makes it easier to insert the clip-ins and gives them more grip. Take the widest hair tress - with us these are 20 cm wide - and open the clips. Now slide the clips into the sectioned hair from above and close the clips.

Step 3: repeat

As soon as the first tress is attached, take the hair that has been tucked away and put a layer of your own hair over the extensions. Draw another line to which you can attach the next broad tress and put away the rest of your own hair. Two hair tresses are usually enough for the back of the head. Make sure that you only attach as many extensions that enough top hair to conceal the clips remain in place.

Step 4: side insertion

When you are done with the back of your head, it's time for the hair on the side. To do this, gradually split off a section of hair, pinch away the remaining hair and work again from bottom to top. Now they come smaller clip-in extensions for use. Use the 15cm wide hair tress for the first section of hair that has been separated. After this is attached, divide another section of hair to which you can attach the 10 cm wide extensions. Finally, the very narrow clip-ins are attached to the hair. Here, too, there must be enough top hair to hide the clips. When you've done one side, turn to the other side.

Step 5: styling

If you have all the tresses in your hair, you can leave your hair or your hair in this shape style according to your preferences. Whether curly, braided or pinned up is up to you - for styling ideas you can visit our blog, which introduces you to many great hairstyles.

Step 6: take it out

All you need to do to remove the clip-in extensions is the Open clips and pull out the tresses of hair one after the other from bottom to top.