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University of Innsbruck introduces new course

Published on 3. July 2012 by editors

Starting in the winter semester, the University of Innsbruck is offering a new range of extra-occupational courses in the field of sexual counseling and sex therapy. In Austria there were no university offers with sexuality as a research area. At the beginning of the winter semester, the University of Innsbruck is training in one… Continue reading →

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Salzburg professor terminated for data manipulation

Published on 11. May 2012 by editors

A Salzburg professor is suspected of having manipulated research results. The University of the City of Salzburg immediately responded to the accusation and dismissed the alleged fraudster. Now he is fighting against the termination of his employment relationship. A professor at the University of Salzburg is accused of… Continue reading →

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Inaccuracy in Pisa rankings

Published on 20. April 2012 by editors

A study carried out by the University of Linz says that the results of the Pisa tests are inaccurate. The statisticians criticize the complex sample selection, this leads to about four times more inaccurate results. The last Pisa study shows that Austria is 31st among the 34 OECD member states… Continue reading →

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Austria is not very attractive for researchers

Published on20. March 2012 by editors

Austria currently has bad cards as a research location. Scientists prefer to go to the USA or Great Britain, even Sweden and Switzerland were more attractive according to a survey. The project MORE (Mobility of Researchers in Europe) from the European Commission led under… Continue reading →

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