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Walder Strom (Tim Plester), who is only called 'Black Forest' because of his temperament and demeanor, is Lord Walder Frey's oldest bastard in the series "Game of Thrones". In season 3, he proves his mercilessness at the Red Wedding.

"The roads are crawling with cutthroats and bandits. But when the King of the North summons us, we come."

Character Description: Black Forest, Season 3

Walder Strom is the oldest bastard of Lord Walder Frey, the head of the House of Frey, which is why Walder bears the bastard name Strom. So that there is no confusion with this one, he is called "Black Forest", not only because of his black hair, but also because of his temperament.

The Black Forest travels to Schnellwasser with Lothar Frey to negotiate for Lord Frey about a new alliance. Walder brazenly demands Harrenhal Castle and an apology from the King of the North. When Robb Stark complies with these conditions, Walder mentions another condition: Lord Frey not only wants Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey to marry, but also wants it to take place within the next few weeks. He gives them time to make up their minds until the next morning, when he and Lothar will go back to the twins.

The Black Forest is also present during the wedding between Edmure and Roslin. When Catelyn cuts Stark Joyeuse's throat, he then steps behind her and kills Catelyn in the same way.

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