Do you want to buy land

Do you live in the country or in the city?

There is a bit of urban and rural people in each of us. Our situation in life decides which side dominates. At least for a while. Because nothing is forever - not even real estate.
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Think carefully about real estate purchase
House and apartment: expensive in the city, cheaper in the country
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Living: urban and chic or close to nature and quiet
City dweller or country man? Actually both

As life often goes: A city dweller who enjoys the existing infrastructure, cultural offers and leisure opportunities, then move to the country because of love, work or children. Often the advantages of country life outweigh the earlier city bustle - and the infrastructure is also better than mostly expected. The idea of ​​buying a house is not far off. But whether you really want to and can stay forever is often not considered.

Think carefully about real estate purchase

In general, it is always important to think twice about buying a home. And we don't just mean the specific financial burden, but also any climbing stairs in old age or even trips to the city to see a doctor. Because whoever buys a house usually does so for a very long time. So also for the children and grandchildren. Often we buy a house as a retirement plan so that we can either live in it rent-free later or sell it in order to move back to the city. But that's a bet on time. Because nobody can say what a house in the country will be worth in 20, 30 or even 40 years. Then it can get tight if you count on the money for retirement provision. So if you intend to buy a house in the country, you should always weigh all of these points against a property in an urban environment.

House and apartment: expensive in the city, cheaper in the country

Basically, real estate in the country is much cheaper than comparable properties in the city. That speaks for the village. The weaker the region, the cheaper. For example in shrinking regions such as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or the Ruhr area. But: the more people migrate, the more living space there is empty. The prices are falling, at some point the properties there may no longer be worth much.