What an area is the Bronx

Dangerous districts for tourists in New York in New York

Those who visit New York City for the first time often ask themselves the question of where it is safest to move around in the mega-metropolis - and which districts should be avoided. In fact, the crime rate in one of the most fascinating cities in the United States has now fallen, but there are still areas where one should be careful.

Which neighborhoods are considered unsafe in New York?

First of all, there is hardly any other US city where the police are so concerned about the safety of citizens and tourists as they are in New York. This is not least due to the attacks of September 11, 2001, after the security precautions were extremely strengthened in all areas. Thanks to the zero tolerance laws, even once disreputable neighborhoods are like Hell's Kitchen, Bronx or Harlem Nowadays real tourist magnets and absolutely accessible during the day without having to be afraid.

Busy Manhattan in particular is threatening for many people: dark canyons, burning garbage cans where the homeless warm themselves and poverty are what many travelers there suspect. This picture certainly still exists in isolated corners, but security has risen sharply in recent years. Of course, you should still trust common sense and not walk through the darkest alleys at night - this applies to New York as well as to all other large cities.

So don't let the pleasure of exploring take you away and visit the Bronx and Harlem, which are known to be the cradle of the Hip-hip culture apply and are still the home of many artists today. Ask locals for tips and let yourself be carried away by the incomparable flair of the metropolis.

Additional tips for more safety on vacation in New York

One should be a little careful not only with regard to the districts, but especially with the general behavior during the trip. Classic rules like Valuables Not necessarily to be displayed openly in the more remote districts should be a matter of course.

But you can also ensure your safety in the hotel: lock the door as soon as you are in the room and use the peephole in case someone knocks. However, many hotels and motels have a 24/7 guarded driveway and cameras in the corridors, so you don't have to worry any more than in other cities. If you hear about violent crimes or assaults, these are usually isolated cases that can just as often happen elsewhere.

But what is still an issue in New York is the so-called Car jacking: It happens that you stop your car at a traffic light, are ambushed and robbed of the car. So make sure you always drive with the doors locked. However, most rental cars close automatically a few seconds after you get in, so there is no need to worry about this problem too much.

One topic that worries many travelers is that New York subway - not least because of numerous crime stories in films. The subway is used by all social classes and is considered that main means of transport the city. You don't have to worry about security in Central Manhattan at night either, as the lively districts in particular are well attended around the clock.

However, if a train seems scary to you or travels to very remote areas, you should trust common sense here too and, if in doubt, prefer to take a taxi on the way.


"I would like to invite you to Isa"by Isa from Jersey City on 03/27/2018
Hello hip hip culture,
I would like to invite you to drive with me through the Bronx, after which you will surely change your mind to “hip”. Either you have never been there or you have sped on the highway in a locked car.
Let's go through the neighborhoods together. Most of them are already scared in the locked car and you are writing past reality. Sorry, but it's the truth!

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