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Finding the right football can often be difficult as there are many things to consider when buying a new football. What size should you get the soccer ball in? What surface will you use the soccer ball on? What do the different prices mean for the quality of football. We are happy to answer these questions. No matter how long it takes to choose the right football, we offer you fast delivery and low prices.

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The evolution of football - from feathers to air

Without the most important tool, the game would be only half as fun: soccer. It is no coincidence that the game was named after the main character. However, football has changed a lot over the years. The first soccer ball from the Chinese game "cuju" dates back to the Han Dynasty 200 BC. The ball used in this game was filled with feathers. It took a full 800 years longer before the ball was filled with air for the first time. Fortunately, it stayed that way, but it was by no means the only advancement in football.

Since the invention of the air-filled ball, every brand in the market has contributed to the advancement of the technologies of modern football. However, it is important to note that there are differences in the design or manufacture of different soccer balls. These differences can be seen in the size, performance and manufacture of the balls. If you follow the tips below, you will find the right ball for you.

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You can find a large selection of the best soccer balls here at Unisportstore.de. If you are looking for the official Champions League ball, you can find the different price ranges here. We also have balls from the World Cup, the European Championship, the Confederation Cup and other international tournaments.

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Cheap Soccer Balls and High-End Soccer Balls: How to Buy Soccer Balls Online

If you haven't bought a football online yet, we'll be happy to help you. We see ourselves as football experts and know how difficult it can be to find exactly the right product. Every online purchase starts with weighing the budget. We have a lot of soccer balls for different levels. Including many inexpensive soccer balls for beginners. If you are looking for the ball of the pros, you will also find this category in our online selection.

Training balls: footballs for training and everyday use

If you train more than once a week, you need a football that not only performs well, but is also durable. This combination suggests that the better this combination is hit the higher the price gets. However, this is not the case. However, footballs for training or everyday use often have to cut back on innovation in order to achieve the necessary durability.

Official Match Balls: Match Balls - What About Durability?

If we look at the top balls, we will find the official match balls from various European leagues. The prices are not cheap here, but it is easy to explain why you have to dig deeper into your wallet for these balls. As the name suggests, these are match balls as we see them in action in the Premier League, La Liga, the Champions League or the World Cup. Brands like Nike, adidas or Select have spared no effort or expense to bring innovative balls with the latest technologies onto the market. You can find a large selection of these balls here at Unisportstore.de

As the name suggests, these balls are designed for the best performance during play and we do not recommend using them during every workout. It is therefore important to weigh your needs and demands on a ball. You should incorporate these aspects into your choice. If you want to get a match ball, you can find many of them at Unisportstore.de

Football Size - We have footballs of all sizes here at Unisport

If you have played soccer from a young age, you will have played with different sizes. Soccer balls come in different sizes and weights so that they meet the different demands of kids and adults on the way to success. Footballs are available in sizes 1-5. If you don't know exactly what size you need, you can find a little help from us here.

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Size 1 and size 2 soccer balls aren't really soccer field balls. They are mainly intended as promotional soccer balls and are less suitable for playing soccer. The size and weight of these balls can vary depending on the manufacturer and there are no official size or weight regulations. They can often be used by coaches as a ball control exercise during training. If you are looking for a fun ball for the beach or on vacation that does not take up much space, you can find size 1-2 balls right here at Unisportstore.de

Size 3 footballs - perfect for young kids

The size 3 balls are used by age groups under 8 years of age. The size 3 is smaller than the balls for teenagers and has a circumference of approx. 58 cm to 61 cm and weighs approx. 340 grams. They are perfect for footballers whose football career has only just begun and who have reached their full potential will still be exhausted. Get a size 3 ball here at Unisportstore.de easily, safely, at a low price and with fast delivery.

Size 4 footballs - perfect for futsal and young players

The size 4 balls are used by children aged 8-12 years. They are slightly larger than the size 3 balls, have a circumference of 68 to 71 cm and weigh about 340-360 grams. With a large selection of size 4 soccer balls, you will find balls of different brands, models and colors at Unisport.

Size 5 footballs - FIFA certified footballs at Unisportstore.de

If you play football as an adult, then you should buy a size 5 ball. These are suitable for ages 12 and up. They have a circumference of 68 cm. up to 71 cm and at 400-450 grams heavier than the other sizes. It is the international standard size for soccer balls, as used by professionals

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In addition to the correct size, there are other properties to consider. They should be spherical (round) and made of leather or a similar substitute material. In addition to the circumference, weight and material, the ball should also be filled with the correct air pressure. Here at Unisportstore.de you will find a large selection of high quality soccer balls at the right price

Futsal, halls and artificial turf balls at Unisport

Depending on the surface and surface, you need a special football to get the best possible football experience. Most balls can be used on different surfaces, but they are mainly designed for use on normal lawn. If you use the ball on a different surface, this can affect the durability, as artificial turf, ash and grand courts place different loads on the ball. However, there are also balls that have been specially developed for these rubbers. Choose the right ball for the surface you will be playing on so that you can enjoy your ball for a long time.

Indoor balls and balls for futsal - know the difference

There are also special balls for the hall and at Unisport you will find a wide range of different brands of them. Indoor balls are available in two editions: balls specially developed for futsal and normal indoor balls. Futsal balls are easy to distinguish as they are heavier than normal soccer balls. This is because high balls are rarely used in futsal and the ball should stay closer to the ground. Indoor balls are very similar to normal soccer balls, but are surrounded by a different material to make them easier to control on the indoor floor.