What is the noun form of contemplation

Contemplation (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Nominative: singular Consideration; Plural Considerations
Genitive: singular Consideration; Plural Considerations
Dative: singular Consideration; Plural Considerations
Accusative: singular Consideration; Plural Considerations
Consideration, Plural: Be | consider | do | gen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [bəˈtʀaχtʊŋ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) looking at, looking at
2) Art, philosophy: the aesthetic assessment of something
1) Look, look, look, look
2) reflection, investigation
General terms:
1) See
2) thinking
Subordinate terms:
Contemplation of nature
Application examples:
1) “We can't change anything, even if we wanted to. Better than both Considerations The difference in spatial concepts and spatial experiences of East and West Germans can hardly be expressed through what is accessible and what is closed, what can and cannot be changed. In Eisenhüttenstadt, where all commercial private property had disappeared, the East German understanding of space came into play in its entirety. "
Word formations:


  • English: 1) viewing; 2) contemplation
  • Swedish: 1) betraktande (neuter), betraktelse (Utrum); 2) contemplation (Utrum)
  • Turkish: 1) bakma, temaşa etme (obsolete); 2) düşünme, tefekkür etme (obsolete)
  • East Central German:

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Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

How does the cult club present itself after moving to the city center? Considerations in the new home of the canteen.
Augsburger Allgemeine, March 25, 2019

Subjective Considerations to the large Berlin demonstration "Indivisible" - which opened up possibilities and spaces instead of restricting them.
Frankfurter Rundschau online, October 20, 2018

On the Day of German Unity, we received a letter from Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary, with an analysis and his Considerations about the current situation in Germany.
Epoch Times, October 3, 2018

The photographer and author Sepp Dreissinger brings together in his new book 26 Considerations to Bernhard's first novel.
derStandard.at, February 11, 2019

With theological Considerations Pope Francis is not satisfied in his Christmas sermon. Instead, the pontiff calls for people to turn away from consumption, to renounce greed and obsession.
n-tv.de, December 25, 2018

Antholz diary: experiences and Considerations on the verge of the biathlon world championship. Today: The weather.
In South Thuringia, February 13, 2020

Philipp Blom's masterly Considerations about the “power of the imagination in times of upheaval”.
Frankfurter Rundschau, June 9th, 2020

The most beautiful sight while traveling? People watch! Considerations to an inconspicuous town square in Liguria.
NZZ, September 04, 2020

It is the lord among the off-road vehicles and it is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Short Considerations to the Range Rover, which has always been an extraordinary phenomenon.
derStandard.at, May 17, 2020

Three Considerations to drought.
DiePresse.com, April 28, 2020

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hire: ... what, he's just messing about! ”Typical word combinations: 4) Doing calculations, making observations, making experiments, making inquiries, thinking ...

Separating water: ... nature mixed scholarly waters into the veins, etching out a lot of general sentences and instructive considerations as the price of work, shapes grow up in him, only from willing ...

Light foot: “Leo will have a good day out of it; he is light-footed, but I do not attach any moral considerations to this, because the light-footed people are also sympathetic to me, provided that decency and good disposition do not get lost in the easy life. ”Typical word combinations: 1) Brother Leichtfuß

disagreed: ... should think about the advantages of others in a moment when one is at odds with oneself; Such considerations are well suited to the quiet man, not the one who is passionate and ...

Press landscape:… Landscape Synonymous terms: 1) Newspaper landscape Examples of use: 1) “I use this waiting time to take a look at the Polish ...

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