What makes a chess victim beautiful?

Intelligence cannot be determined by the route, but only by the resultGarri Kasparov
Diplomacy is a game of chess in which the peoples are checkmatedKarl Kraus
Chess is like love - it's less fun on its ownStefan Zweig
A declaration of love is like the opening in chess: the consequences are incalculable ... Hans Söhnker
Your game is only as good as your worst move Dan Heisman
Who does not honor the farmer is not worth the lady! Albrecht Fleckenstein
Chess is the most intricate waste of human intelligence outside of an advertising agency Raymond Chandler
There are two types of sacrifice: correct and mineMikhail Valley
One bad move destroys forty good ones Horowitz
The best way to disprove a victim is to accept it Wilhelm Steinitz
Who will your opponent be tonight? Tonight I'm playing against the black stones Akiba Rubinstein
There are no good or bad players. There are only good moves or bad moves Siegbert Tarrasch
I think everyone I play against is a master until they prove me wrong Vasily Panov
In lightning, the jumper is stronger than the runner Vlastimil hoard
It is a real shame that so many chess players do not pay attention to their looks! Alexandra Kosteniuk
Style? I have no style! Anatoly Karpov
Too little patience is probably the most common reason for a lost game. Bent Larsen
Despair has often won battles. François Marie Voltaire
I have no problem with women, only with the level of their chess game Judith Polgar
If the others think you have reached the end, you have to really start Konrad Adenauer
Winners have no experience. You only have an experience as a loser Marin Walser
You don't have to play well, it is enough to play better than your opponent Unknown
To win you have to take the risk of losing Unknown
Chess is like a beautiful woman we keep returning to, no matter how often she rejects us Unknown


* Surrender has not won a game

* It is always better to sacrifice your opponent's pieces

* To avoid losing pieces, some have already lost a game

* The mistakes are already there, they just have to be made

* The penultimate mistake wins the game

* The game of chess is usually a fairy tale of 1001 mistakes

* The most relentless rules in chess are - the exceptions

* A threat is stronger than its execution

* Only a strong player can (and may) make mistakes

* Combining and illicit trading are prohibited

* In chess you only learn through mistakes; there is something right in every mistake

* Only a really strong player knows how weak he is

* Often a good opportunity is missed to give up the game

* Chess is a struggle, mainly against one's own mistakes

* Tactics are what you have to do when something needs to be done. Strategy is what to do when there is nothing to be done

* An Isolani darkens the mood on the whole chessboard

* The second best move is often the only correct one

Savielly Tartakover

* The good player is always lucky!

* A passed pawn gains in strength as the number of stones on the board decreases

Jose Capablanca

* I don't believe in psychology, I just believe in good trains

* There are only two true chess geniuses - the other was Wilhelm
Steinitz, the world champion from 1872 to 1894

* When I have white I win because I have white when I do
I win because I'm a fisherman!

* I feel most comfortable when I see my opponent
winds in agony

* I do not calculate at all. I win like that too

Bobby Fischer

* If your opponent offers you a draw, try to find out why he thinks he is worse off

* Modern chess is too concerned with things like pawn structure. Forget it - Matt ends the game

Nigel Short

* The hardest thing is to win a won game

* I fight as long as my opponent can make a mistake

Emanuel Lasker

* The whole life with a wife is like an endgame with bishops of different colors

* All obvious moves look suspicious in analysis after the game

Viktor Korchnoi