What is wholesale billing

Invoice verification in next to no time

Isn't it noteworthy that a number of pharmacy service providers are fully specialized in checking wholesale invoices? And that although every supplier is legally obliged to issue clear and understandable invoices. While it would be unthinkable in other industries to pay external service providers to check the accuracy of incoming invoices, this is not uncommon in pharmacies. Which is ultimately not surprising, because who should find the time in the hustle and bustle of everyday pharmacy to check item by item whether discounts, OTC remuneration, concept fees, transport and return costs or the trade margin settlement have been calculated correctly?

In contrast, AEP also stands out positively from other wholesalers when it comes to invoices: rebates and discounts can be seen at a glance, fees and trade margin adjustments are completely eliminated. Thanks to the clarity and clarity, your PKA will do the invoice verification in next to no time. A separate invoice check would not be necessary, because all amounts correspond one-to-one with the delivery notes. This means that the invoice control is actually already done when the goods are received - practically on the side. As you can see, AEP also stands for fairness and transparency when it comes to invoices!

You want to know more? The topics of the monthly series are:

  1. Only strong in a team: wholesalers and pharmacies
  2. Become a customer: quickly and easily
  3. Shipment processing: bundled and effective
  4. Conditions clear, stable and without negotiating
  5. Storage optimization: best availability and no slow-moving goods
  6. Invoices: simple and transparent
  7. Returns: no quota, no discounts
  8. Avoid delivery bottlenecks: order contingent products as needed
  9. BtM and refrigerated items: in full condition and without extra charges
  10. Ecology: environmentally friendly and sustainable