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Trump: Biden "won" - but only "because the election was rigged"

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After all: "He won". US President Donald Trump wrote this for the first time on Sunday about his competitor Joe Biden. In a sense, it is an admission of reality - but certainly not yet an acknowledgment of his defeat. Because at the beginning of the sentence "he won" Trump added another half-sentence. "... because the election was rigged," it reads. It shows that the president may begin to slowly end the White House battle two weeks after the election. But it also shows that Trump is by no means willing to give up the authority to interpret.

Apparently, Trump only became aware of the consequences of his words later. About an hour after his first tweet, he forwarded a second. "He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I DO NOT acknowledge ANYTHING!" He wrote, again without naming Joe Biden. It was a "rigged election".

He can count on some support in this. According to estimates, tens of thousands traveled to Washington on Saturday following a call by the right-wing extremist militia "Proud Boys". Among them are members of the group, but also Trump fans who were invited by it. They demonstrated in Washington D.C. on Saturday. against the outcome of the presidential election. Or, in their own view, against the alleged electoral fraud that led Democrat Joe Biden to victory in the November 3rd poll. Trump himself drove past the demonstrators in his armored limousine and waved to them.

44 percent of Trump fans doubt Biden's victory

"We're going to WIN," the president later wrote on Twitter. He had already previously claimed again, without any evidence, that the vote was not right. It is a campaign that has now caught on: only a small minority of Trump voters followed the calls to protest. But according to a survey by the YouGov Institute, 44 percent of his followers now believe that the votes were not counted correctly. Although 76 percent of the US population as a whole still have "a lot" (49 percent), "some" or "some" confidence in the outcome of the election, Biden will have to invest a lot of work to fully restore support for democracy can.

The election recounts, which are already running in some states, could help him with this. 67 percent of Trump supporters say the result will increase their confidence in a correct count. But it is unclear whether this attitude will hold if Trump should lose the "recounts" again. It is out of the question that they could bring him back to winning ways.

Recounts rarely help

Trump's smallest deficit to Biden in a controversial state, Arizona, is more than 10,000 votes. The previous record shift in a recount is just over a thousand votes (Florida 2000). Usually the number is in the low three-digit range. Trump called the current counts in the state of Georgia - probably already in anticipation of a defeat - on Sunday via Twitter "a meaningless fraud".

Therefore, he continues to rely on the judicial process, in order to perhaps bend the result in his direction. So far, however, this has not been crowned with success either. More than 20 times, lawyers in the service of the president were given up on their concerns by the Kadi until the weekend, and most of the time the judges also criticized the lack of evidence. Because many law firms are also refusing to bring the concerns to court, Trump hired his personal lawyer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, to lead his legal efforts on Sunday.

Democrats are pushing for transition process

Biden's designated chief of staff, Ron Klain, stressed that Trump's Twitter messages were not relevant to the outcome of the US election. Trump did not have to decide on Biden's presidency: "The American people did that," he told NBC. At the same time, he urged the incumbent government to initiate the transition process to its successor. It is a matter of approving appropriate permits in the course of the week so that Biden's team can be privy to the national security situation and tackle the Covid crisis. Trump denies Biden's camp access to government infrastructure.

Violence at the demo

Many MPs from the Republican Party, however, remain calm. Even if very few of them join in directly with Trump's rhetoric, many want to perpetuate doubts. This also in order to be able to lure their base to the polls again in January. Then two Senate seats will be awarded in a runoff election in Georgia. If the Democrats managed to win both, they would gain control in the Senate.

Therefore, the mood remains heated. The demonstrations in Washington became significantly more radical in the course of the evening. A spokesman for the protesters at the foot of the Washington Monument praised the day as a great success: "This will happen when we, the white race, come together and unite". The majority of the demonstrations remained peaceful. But then there was violence in the evening. The media reported clashes between Trump supporters and counter-demonstrators. A stabbing was also reported. (Manuel Escher, November 15, 2020)