What are some good Metallica songs

These are the 10 best songs from Metallica

Probably the greatest metal band of all time is traveling the globe once again to delight millions of fans around the world.
On August 16, the quartet from San Francisco will once again be coming to Vienna in the Ernst Happel Stadium as part of their "WorldWired" tour. After 36 years in show business, Metallica are undisputedly the largest stadium metal band in the world. In the nearly four decades, numerous world numbers have accumulated in the canon of musicians. Of course you can't please all fans live there. Some tracks do not enjoy the benefit of being played during the set. But there are a few classics that should not be missing from any appearance.

A few years ago "Rolling Stone" magazine let readers choose the ten best Metallica songs of all time. The top ten only include songs from the band's first four albums. The "Black" album, as well as "Load", "Reload", "St. Anger" and "Death Magnetic" seem to get little or no attention from the fans.

10. Metallica - Seek & Destroy

The classic from the debut album "Kill 'Em All" should not be missing from any concert. On the last concert tours, "Seek & Destroy" was always played as the last encore to get everything out of the fans at the finale with the sing-along chorus.

9. Metallica - Battery

"Battery" from the album "Master Of Puppets" is a hidden gem. The song tells of the difficult early days of Metallicas in the small clubs in the Bay Area and the aggression and frustration that had to be overcome at the time.

8. Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

The novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" provided the thematic template for "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)". The song, also on "Master Of Puppets", tells of mental illness.

7. Metallica - Blackened

"Blackened" is probably one of the fastest and toughest songs from the pen of James Hetfield. According to drummer Lars Ulrich, the main inspiration for "... And Justice For All" was the news channel CNN. In "Blackened" pollution found the textual processing.

6. Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls

The song, which bears the same title as a novel by Ernest Hemingway, just barely made it into the top five. Thematically, the song also makes reference to Hemingway's anti-war story. The opening riff comes from the exceptional bassist Cliff Burton, who decisively shaped the sound of Metallicas especially on "Ride The Lightning" and "Master Of Puppets".

5. Metallica - Creeping Death

The penultimate song on "Ride The Lightning" is about the 10 biblical plagues that plague Egypt. Kirk Hammett wrote it for his band Exodus before he came to Metallica. It has been performed live over 1,400 times and is therefore the second most played song in the Metallica catalog.

4. Metallica - Orion

The instrumental number "Orion", which is over 8 minutes long, is considered to be the culmination of bassist Cliff Burton's musical legacy. The likeable four-string, who died in a tour bus accident in Sweden in 1986, made his mark on numerous numbers with his unconventional way of playing the bass. With "Orion" he has set himself a monument for eternity.

3. Metallica - Fade To Black

The ballad "Fade To Black" from the album "Ride The Lightning" is one of the absolute highlights of every Metallica concert. A sea of ​​lighters then always lines the auditorium.

On a tour together with Guns'n'Roses in 1992, James Hetfield narrowly escaped death in flames at the intro of the number. Due to a misunderstanding, he was standing exactly above an opening for stage fireworks. At that time he suffered severe burns on his arms.

2. Metallica - Master Of Puppets

In the eighties, the Metallica guys weren't just famous for their music. Their insatiable thirst for alcohol even gave them the nickname "Alcoholica". The hymn "Master Of Puppets" is about various addictions that almost all band members have struggled with in the course of the band's history.

1. Metallica - One

"One" was the first Metallica song to have a music video made. Many fans sensed the band's commercial sell-out at the time. For Metallica the song actually opened up new possibilities and contributed another building block to the fact that they became the largest metal group of all time.

The play is based on the novel "Johnny Got His Gun" by Dalton Trumbo about a soldier who loses all limbs, eyesight, hearing and the ability to speak in a mine explosion. (baf)

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