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"American Pie - the class reunion": That's what Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid & Co. are doing today

March 12, 2021 - 5:14 p.m.

The "American Pie" stars today

"American Pie - Like a Hot Apple Pie" was a real surprise hit in 1999. Since 2012, the now grown-up clique in "American Pie - The Class Reunion" has lined up pairing, party and masturbation failures again (read the review of "American Pie - The Class Reunion" here), not only the fans are waiting, but also some of the fans Starring Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs longing for a fifth part. And they can have hope: the material is in development. So the best moment to bring yourself up to date with the last part of the series, how things went on with Jim, Heimschei├čer, Sherminator, Stifmaster and of course his mom - here you can watch the "American Pie - the class reunion" on TVNOW stream.

And we'll show you what the "American Pie" stars look like today, two decades after the first part and nine years after the "class reunion".

Jason Biggs - as Jim, he was in the apple pie

After Jason Biggs sank his best piece in a warm apple pie without shame and had acted even more stupidly while masturbating than Ben Stiller in "Crazy About Mary", the shoddy "American Pie" films initially remained the big box office hits of the actor with the boyish charm. But he did star in the Woody Allen movie Anything Else. Recently, Jason's Biggs admitted that turning down a lead role on "How I Met Your Mother" wasn't the best idea. For this he played in "Orange Is The New Black" and has also been an active showmaster in recent years. Current program: "Cherries Wild", whose unique selling point he describes self-deprecatingly as follows: "We have a great price, a huge slot machine and a moderator with a big ego." In his private life he is about as stable as Jim is with his Michelle: He has been married to fellow actor Jenny Mollen since 2008. The two have two sons.

Alyson Hannigan - her Michelle seemed more harmless than she was

Michelle looked to the chaotic boys from "American Pie" like a harmless "flute-playing turkey". But as we all know by now, she had it all behind her ears and, according to her own statements, sometimes stuck a flute - oh, let's leave that! Michelle actress Alyson Hannigan (born 1974) began her career in kindergarten with commercials and had appeared in many series before "American Pie", including "Buffy". And she continued - from "Veronica Mars" to "How I Met Your Mother" to "Fancy Nancy". Since 2003 she has been married to her "Buffy" colleague Alexis Denisof. The two have two daughters.

Eddie Kaye Thomas - as Finch he was the "home shit"

We remember Finch not only because of his "home shit" attitudes and a laxative attack (we just say Moccachino!), But of course also because of the hot box with Stifler's mom. And who the last part of the series, "American Pie - the class reunion "knows what unexpected turn there is in the matter! And we remember Eddie Kaye Thomas mainly because he was Finch. Born in 1980, the New Yorker was already on stage when he was ten and, after his "American Pie" appearances, was also featured in series such as "Scorpion". Together with Alyson Hannigan he had an appearance in 2020 in an episode of the series "Outmatched", in which Jason Biggs played a leading role. Eddie Kaye Thomas keeps his private life top secret.

Jennifer Coolidge played Stifler's mom and coined the term "MILF"

How much "American Pie" has shaped an entire generation is best shown by the term "MILF", which is known not only to those who watched Finch successfully stalking Mama Stifler, in his opinion a "Mom I'd Like to F *** ". Mrs. Stifler's motto: "18 years, the way I like it best! And now God have mercy!" Will she stay true to this motto in "American Pie - the class reunion"? You can check it out on TVNOW here! Jennifer Coolidge, born in 1961, like her younger colleagues, first became famous through the hit movie "American Pie" and has appeared in numerous series from "Nip / Tuck" to "2 Broke Girls". Soon she can be seen in "Naturally Blond 3" as Paulette, as in the first two parts. To many fans she is the perfect replacement for the renegade Kim Cattrall in "Sex And The City".

Seann William Scott was the party beast as Stifler - and the guy with the hottest mom

What would Stifler's mom be without her son? Without the "Stifmeister", as he calls himself, she would at least not have met Finch. And what would the "American Pie" films be without Seann William Scott alias Stifler, perhaps the biggest boor and chaotic of all, the specialists in faeces and parties? It was the first major role for Seann William Scott, born in 1976. Subsequently, he was also happy to be the chatterbox in other films such as "Dude, where is my car". Most recently he was seen in series such as "Lethal Weapon". He has been married to interior designer Olivia Korenberg since 2019. We don't know much more about Seann William Scott's personal life. In contrast to the partying Stifler, he keeps a very low profile.

Chris Klein aka Oz, the sports cannon

Somehow, Oz always had to choose - between the lacrosse team and the school choir, to win the heart of Heather (Mena Suvari). In the fourth part between his model girlfriend Mia and - man, of course Heather! Chris Klein (born 1979) was able to show that in the fourth part he still had the abdominal muscles of a lacrosse miracle. Privately, she was engaged to Katie Holmes for a while before Tom Cruise married, and made headlines because he liked to look deep into his glass. The actor has not been seen on the screen very often recently, most recently in series ("The Flash", "Sweet Magnolias"). In his private life he seems to be lucky with his wife Laina Rose Thyfault and two children.

Mena Suvari was Heather's choir girl

When it comes to Mena Suvari, most people think of "American Beauty" and not "American Pie", the girl who brought Kevin Spacey wet dreams and not the brave choir girl who turned her head around sports ace Oz. Mena Suvari, born in 1979, already had film and modeling experience, even if she looked very young in the first "American Pie" at the age of 20. She is still very active as an actress in TV and cinema, soon she can be seen as Jane Wyman in "Reagan". She has been married to prop master Michael Hope for the third time since 2018. The two are expecting their first child.

Thomas Ian Nicholas was Kevin in "American Pie"

Like everyone else, Kevin only wanted one thing: Before graduating from school, finally lay down a girl, specifically: Vicky (Tara Reid). In the fourth part he has become bearded and well-behaved, well, until Vicky shows up for the class reunion ... Thomas Ian Nicholas is still active as an actor, but much less in the last few years. He is with musician D.J. Colette married, they have a son.

Tara Reid was in "American Pie" Kevin's flame Vicky

As Vicky, Tara Reid plans a rocket launch her first time more meticulously than others - poor Kevin had to struggle a lot. You can see how things go when the two meet again in "American Pie - the class reunion" (streamed here on TVNOW). Tara Reid, born in 1975, had starred in "The Big Lebowski" and "Eiskalte Engel" and several other films when she joined "American Pie". For a while, Tara Reid was the "American Pie" star with the most press - but mostly because of her scandalous and alcoholic friendship with Paris Hilton. In terms of career, not a hit, as Tara ruefully admits today. But her "Sharknado" flicks have a strong fan base. And she hopes to soon be standing in front of the altar with her boyfriend Nathan Montpetit-Howar.

Eugene Levy was Noah Levenstein, Jim's dad

As Jim's dad, Eugene Levy toddled into the kitchen just as his son was spoiling the warm apple pie. In "American Pie - the class reunion" he doesn't seem to have learned anything since his awkward attempts at clarification, but then he amazes us all with his ... finger play! Eugene Levy, born in Canada in 1946, has been active in acting since the early 1970s, mostly in supporting roles. He is the only actor who has appeared in all of the "American Pie" films, including those released under the American Pie label in the early 2000s that were only released on DVD. His greatest success: The series "Schitt's Creek", which he helped develop and has won umpteen Emmy awards, in which he and his two adult children Dan Levy and Sarah Levy play leading roles. By the way, you can stream "Schitt's Creek" here on TVNOW.

And now you want to know what Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan & Co. looked like in 2012? Off to the reunion at "American Pie - the class reunion" - stream here on TVNOW!