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IT remarketing saves 300 million liters of water:

  • Refurbishment reduces CO2 emissions, energy, raw material and water consumption as well as human and water toxicity
  • Successful growth: 225 jobs created for people with disabilities

How many resources can be saved if IT devices such as notebooks, smartphones, PCs etc. can be used for longer through professional refurbishment? The new life cycle assessment study (2021) by the non-profit climate protection organization myclimate enables the IT refurbisher AfB social & green IT to evaluate the social and ecological impact of its IT remarketing model in even more detail.

AfB has been able to transparently report the savings in greenhouse gases (CO2-equ.), Raw materials (iron-equ.) And energy consumption through IT processing since 2013. "The new study now enables a much more comprehensive impact measurement that includes more indicators, for example reduced water consumption and the reduction in toxicity, as well as additional products such as smartphones, servers, printers and tablets in the calculation," explains AfB- Managing Director Daniel Büchle: "Transparent impact figures are becoming more and more important for our partners who hand over used hardware. With this new study, we enable our partners to impressively communicate their social and ecological commitment, which is validated by facts and figures."
Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Deutschland gGmbH, underlines the importance but also the complexity of the study: “Unfortunately, the selection of available life cycle assessment data in the electronics sector is still very limited. This study therefore required the cooperation and expertise of the entire myclimate team as well as an intensive exchange with AfB on every project step. Because only through the transparency of many different environmental factors can a meaningful measure of why, how and with what impact a longer service life of IT equipment is worthwhile. "

Refurbishment reduces CO2 emissions, energy, raw material and water consumption as well as human and water toxicity

In 2020, AfB processed 472,000 used IT devices from companies and public clients and was able to re-market 68% of them and thus put them into a new cycle of use. Compared to the new production, the IT refurbisher and its partners (e.g. Siemens, Otto, REWE) have saved the consumption of more than 300 million liters of water, 170,400 MWh of energy, 24,700 tons of raw materials and the emission of 43,200 tons of CO2. Greenhouse gas emissions have been shown to contribute to global warming. The indicator for this is the Global Warming Potential (GWP). A beech tree has to grow for around 80 years to absorb one ton of CO2.

The IT company AfB can also prove the reduction in damage to human health for the first time with the value of 231,300 tonnes of 1.4 DB equivalent. What does this value mean in concrete terms? Humans are exposed to a large number of environmental pollutants every day. Human toxicity measures the effects on or damage to human health. This damage can be triggered by substances (e.g. nitrogen oxides) that find their way into the air, soil and water. It is shown in 1,4-dichlorobenzene equivalents (t 1,4-DBequ.) For example, extending the useful life of a smartphone from 3 to 4.5 years leads to a reduction of 45%, since no new device is manufactured for this period had to become.

You can find more information on the values ​​at https://www.afb-group.de/verendung/oekobilanz/.

Successful growth: 225 jobs created for people with disabilities

In addition to this positive environmental balance, refurbishing at AfB also secures 225 jobs for people with disabilities: AfB stands for "Work for People with Disabilities" and is an inclusion company. Around 45% of the more than 500 employees are severely disabled the non-profit IT company created 60 new jobs, 26 of them for people with disabilities.

About AfB gGmbH

AfB gGmbH is Europe's largest non-profit IT company. With the collection, destruction of data, processing and re-marketing of disused IT hardware, AfB creates jobs for people with disabilities and at the same time helps to save environmental resources. AfB employs 500 people at 20 locations in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Slovakia, 45% of them with disabilities. The AfB concept is based on long-term partnerships with more than 1,000 companies, banks, insurance companies and public institutions. The IT refurbisher has been taking over IT and mobile devices that are no longer required for over 16 years, irrevocably deleting the data they contain, upgrading them, installing new software and selling them with a guarantee of at least 12 months, mainly to private individuals, non-profit institutions and schools. For this green IT concept, AfB has been awarded the German Sustainability Prize (2021), the NRW Inclusion Prize (2020) and Europe's social enterprise 2020. AfB is tested and certified by TÜV Süd (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) as a waste management company and, as one of five companies in Germany, Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

About myclimate

Myclimate Deutschland gGmbH is a non-profit climate protection organization and subsidiary of the Swiss myclimate foundation. Together with partners from business and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory and educational offers as well as its own climate protection projects. myclimate advises companies on integrated climate protection with tangible added value, carries out CO2 balances for companies and events, creates life cycle assessments for products and offers the option of CO2 compensation. The international myclimate climate protection projects meet the highest quality standards and contribute to the 17 SDGs. In addition, myclimate runs training courses for learners and company workshops. More at www.myclimate.de

Contact: AfB non-profit GmbH, Marion Lichti | [email protected] | www.afb-group.de/service/presse

Technology | Green IT, March 3rd, 2021