What color is a standard tennis ball

Tennis ball and its guidelines and rules

The number of balls and properties must be correct

The Sports equipment at the tennis game besides the racket, is of course the one Tennis ballwhich is mostly the same in private game as in professional game. However, the difference is that a professional immediately feels when the ball is too soft because his hits are different than he is used to. To prevent this, there is also clear rulesthat organizers have to adhere to. And these rules concern when the balls need to be changed. Hobby players often play with the same balls for several weeks, but they also play with a different intensity.

How big and heavy is the tennis ball?

The Tennis ball has a Weight from 56 to 59.4 grams and one Diameters from 6.542 to 6.858 centimeters. The outer shell of the ball must consist of text fabric and be applied evenly. The color has to be white or yellow. Existing joints must be seamless.

In addition to weight and size, there are also different reactions in the game, which is why the tennis ball can be divided into three types of ball. There are fast, medium and slow balls, which of course also have different effects on the strokes and thus the entire tennis game changes.

Use of tennis balls

The fast balls are used in contradiction to the surface, i.e. mainly on slow carpeting in the hall and of course on sand. Thus, the game speeds up through the ball while it slows down because the court reacts accordingly. The medium-fast balls are also used on medium-fast courts and the slow balls are used on concrete and lawn to defuse the game a little and allow longer rallies.

In a tennis tournament, it is determined in advance how many balls can be used at the same time. Of course, the game is played with only one ball, but the ball girls and ball boys have additional balls, whereby the number can be 2, 3, 4 or 6. If it turns out that a ball is no longer playable and the referee agrees with the players, then it is exchanged. However, the specified number of balls remains the same.

There is also the rally. After a set number of games, all balls are removed from the game and replaced with new balls. From the TV broadcasts one knows the gesture of the server (or the server) with raised arm and ball in hand as an indication of new balls. This is also important, because new balls react differently than those that have been in play for a few minutes and are therefore worn out.

Tennis game and ball mistake

What if a ball bursts during a rally?
In that case the point must be repeated. If the quality only deteriorates and the ball becomes too soft, the point counts as played, but the ball is then replaced.

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