Why is no ice placed in beer?

Beer: Salztrick cools beer in record time

Who doesn't know that: It's hot outside and suddenly guests log in, but the beer is still warm. However, a simple salt trick can help and ensure cool drinks in record time. We give tips for perfect beer enjoyment.

To get warm beer cold quickly, all you need is salt, water, ice and a larger vessel. Mix everything together and put the beer bottles inside. The salt cools the water faster. The temperature of the mixture drops to a few degrees Celsius and the bottles are refreshingly cold after just a few minutes. The salt ensures that the ice melts. This requires energy. This is withdrawn from the beer and thereby cools it down. However, you shouldn't use too much salt or leave the bottles in the water for too long or they could burst.

Another tip: put the glasses in the refrigerator before pouring them or rinse them under cold water. That also cools you down.

Taste unfolds at the optimal temperature

When serving, beer should have a temperature between seven and nine degrees, this is how the taste unfolds best. If it is warmer, however, it quickly tastes stale. Beer that is too cold, on the other hand, does not develop a head of foam.

Detergent is taboo for beer glasses

There is a suitable glass for every beer. This should be placed in the closet with the opening facing downwards so that it cannot collect dust from the inside. It is best to use only hot tap water for cleaning. Dish soap often leaves residue that affects the taste. In addition, the fine film on the glass prevents a nice head of foam later.

It is best to simply leave the glasses to dry. Because even drying cloths can leave residues of dirt or lint.

Pouring properly is an art

A Pils should be poured quickly until the glass is about two-thirds full. It must be held at an angle under the bottle and then stand for just under a minute so that the foam can set. Then the rest is topped up vertically into the glass.

Wheat beer has a stronger foam development, so it has to be poured more slowly. A glass of K├Âlsch or Alt, on the other hand, can be refilled in one go. Incidentally, pouring two half-full glasses together is absolutely taboo.