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The advertising sounds promising: Quickly complete a crash course in the national language of the recreation area before going on holiday, and this is more convenient and cheaper than with established language courses. Can it work?

From the basic idea, the advantage of apps like Babbel and Busuu at least quickly becomes apparent. Instead of taking a language course with fixed dates at the adult education center or university, the lessons on the smartphone or tablet can be perfectly integrated into your own leisure time. In addition, it is always at hand on your own device during breaks and waiting times and as a trial course is usually even free of charge. In direct comparison to a dry course in book form with CD accompaniment, an app also has significantly more options to make the course inactive.

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Avoid data disaster: Create multiple Time Machine backups

Time Machine under OS X secures your information - if an important document, your favorite song or movie is lost, you can turn back time and restore data. However, multiple Time Machine backups are even better. How so? We'll tell you.

With the help of Time Machine, a backup for Mac users is possible in a few simple steps. The only requirement is an external hard drive. If you want to back up very important data, you can even set up two Time Machine hard disks, which OS X automatically and regularly backs up with backup copies.

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Screenshot of Windows 9 "Threshold" appeared

After Windows 8 has more or less failed with desktop users, the company wants to bring the beloved start menu back into the operating system. The first screenshots have now appeared.

New screenshots of Microsoft's next Windows have appeared on the Internet. It is not entirely clear whether this is another update for Windows 8 or Windows 9. However, we assume that we will get a first glimpse of Microsoft's Windows Threshold, as Windows 9 is also called in-house.

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Google is accepting applications for Project Ara developer packages

Project Ara is one of the most ambitious ideas in the smartphone industry. A smartphone like an operating system in which the user simply puts together components - and thus functions - himself. Google is now delivering the first prototypes for developers.

Google is now accepting requests from developers for Project Ara. Anyone who has completed the relevant form by July 18 and meets Google's requirements will receive a developer package for the modular smartphone. Google plans to deliver the first developer sets by the end of the month. After this first wave, late starters can submit further applications until August 18th.

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The best photo apps for Windows Phone

Several hundred apps for amateur photographers can be found in the Windows Phone store. From the simple effect filter to the powerful image editing tool to the app for bizarre photo fun, everything is included. presents ten apps that are worthwhile.

The market share of Windows Phones is increasing, but still leaves something to be desired. When it comes to cameras, however, Nokia's Lumia range in particular cannot be blamed for negligence. For most models with an 800 number and upwards, the Lumia camera is almost unrivaled among smartphone snaps.

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Apple: Up to 60 million iWatches in the first year

Apple has not yet given a beep on its iWatch smartwatch. However, analysts are already assuming gigantic sales figures. However, the rationale for these numbers is unusual.

Not only Apple but also various analysts seem to be convinced that there will be a huge sales market for iWatch. Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley assumes that Apple will sell between 30 and 60 million smartwatches in the first year after the introduction of the iWatch. For comparison: Samsung's first smartwatch Galaxy Gear has sold less than a million times.

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iTunes: The five most important keyboard shortcuts for Apple's media player

There is hardly a way around Apple's entertainment battleship iTunes due to its huge range of functions. In addition to music playback, Apple also offers setting options for iOS devices and access to podcasts, films and apps. Reason enough to internalize the most important keyboard shortcuts to ensure faster and easier work.

The first shortcut is used before iTunes starts. Because if the [alt] key is held down while your iTunes opens, either a new iTunes library can be created or another, existing iTunes library can be opened.

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Minuum: Clever keyboard for smartwatches

The company Minuum tries to solve a big problem of the smartwatch with innovative means. For this purpose, Minuum has developed a keyboard that uses only nine buttons and one line for word suggestions.

Smartwatches have a design problem. The small display of a maximum of 2 inches is simply too tiny to make sensible entries. Only input via voice remains a noteworthy option. At least that's what people thought so far.

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Will the Samsung Galaxy Alpha arrive in August?

Hardly a day goes by when there are no rumors about new smartphone flagships from Samsung in the tech world. The bloggers and analysts are particularly interested in a possible Galaxy smartphone in a completely metal housing. A South Korean newspaper now reports that this could appear as early as next month.

ETNews also wants to know the name of the new premium smartphone: According to this, the newcomer from Samsung will appear under the brand name Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Earlier reports spoke of the mysterious Samsung device as Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime. Technically, the Galaxy Alpha should be a refreshed version of the current flagship Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Alpha should offer a UHD screen with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and a faster processor.

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iPhone 6: All Battery Problems Solved

Now Apple still seems to get the production problems with the iPhone with 5.5-inch display under control. Although everything is still not going well, there should be a limited edition of the larger Apple smartphone for the time being.

As already reported, Apple plans to introduce two iPhones again in September. One is said to have a 4.7-inch screen, the other a 5.5-inch screen. While production of the smaller model is said to have already started, the 5.5-inch iPhone poses major problems for contract manufacturers, so that they could even postpone the start of sales until next year.

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