Men prefer real nails

Why don't men like nailed fingernails?

We assume ..
a bit of psychological stuff.

When people mostly worked outside, a pale complexion was chic. But only because you showed that you don't have to work. A status symbol.

As more and more people had to work in the factory - i.e. in a house or today in the office, the tan became chic:
It showed that you didn't have to work, or only little, and that you could afford to waste your time outside.

And how about long fingernails ???

Well, women show that there is not really anything that has to work - at least not that which damages the nails: scrubbing the floor, digging in the earth with your hands, rough manual work ...

Which subconsciously may be some kind of status symbol.

Some men think it is great when they see themselves so monetarily potent that their wife doesn't have to work ... so the long fingernails of their wife are unconsciously a status symbol of the man ...

Some men simply find it shitty when a woman prefers to decorate her nails and take care of them instead of touching them properly.

Which wouldn't stand in the way of temporary nail care either ...

'That's not true, I'm only doing it because I think it's beautiful ...' --- yes, but the WHY ... is not explained by that ...


P.S .: I can't do anything with long and colored nails either ... they are definitely not sexy ... I'll put it this way ...

I like it