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What are lightworkers and starseeds?

What are lightworkers and starseeds?
An information article by Thorsten Simon (4/2021)
A revised and significantly expanded excerpt from his book: "The 15 bodies for the light body process"
© 2021 Thorsten N. R. Simon
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Most of the lightworker text comes from the introduction to my 15-body book, while I rewrote the Starseed text as a supplement.
According to my understanding, they are generally people who are consciously on the path of light and especially those who have made a clear decision to build up the light body and ascend with it and with a regular spiritual practice, e.g. in the form of light work or even better with a special one Light body and ascension work, working towards it purposefully. Furthermore, lightworkers usually practice conscious earth healing work in one form or another and thus also support the collective cleansing, clearing, vibration increase and awakening process. So you are helping to bring and spread more light on earth and to prepare for the new golden spiritual age of light, which is awaited by many spiritual traditions and teachings.
Lightworkers accelerate their own awakening and their light body process and also support the awakening of other people. They have started to remind themselves more and more of who they really are as multidimensional (light) beings until they finally fully awaken to it, i.e. to their true selves. This is an important step towards enlightenment, although various people already view or refer to "awakening" as "enlightenment." I definitely see it differently. The “awakening”, which is connected with the full awakening and ascent of the Kundalini energy, is at best only a “small enlightenment” and the preparation on the way to actual enlightenment. See also my info article "The 3 Types of Awakening".
Many of the lightworkers are spiritual teachers, energetic healers, have media skills, channel and mostly develop new healing methods on this basis, but also other things full of light. Of course, they can also be active in other areas, depending on where their special abilities or just their energy can be of help for the support of the earth and humanity. They are the masterminds and pioneers of the new age of light and help to prepare for it and to prepare humanity for it. They mostly spread new, usually spiritual, mind-expanding knowledge and corresponding methods and techniques. Many of them have recognized or chosen this as their incarnation and life determination and are implementing it.
There are many lightworkers who continue to pursue ordinary professions for a long time until some of them notice that it no longer fulfills them, no longer suits them, they awaken spiritually sustainably and the inner call of their true selves becomes bigger, stronger and unmistakable becomes. Many need or experience a major internal and / or external crisis in order to go new ways and to awaken spiritually.
However, lightworkers are not only required to travel in purely spiritual areas. Some of them help, for example, specifically to develop new, higher technologies and to spread the knowledge about them (such as free energy, etc.).
Many lightworkers are so-called Starseeds (in German: star seeds). These are reincarnated souls who have usually already completed their ascent on at least one other planet, mostly in another star system.
The star systems from which most of the starseeds incarnated on earth originate are as follows:
(incarnated Pleiadians)
  • Sirius system, especially from Sirius B
(incarnated Sirians)
(incarnated Arcturians)
(incarnated Lyrans)
  • from Venus from our solar system
(incarnated Venusians)
  • from the light-filled areas of Orion (the 3 belt stars in the center of Orion)
(incarnated, light-filled Orions)
Unfortunately there are also quite a few negative Orions on earth who come from other areas of the Orion system. You are of course not among the lightworkers, but among the dark ones.
Lightworkers or more precisely star seeds can of course also come from various other systems and galaxies as well as from certain higher-dimensional areas that can no longer be assigned to a specific location. This is more about the dimensional origin than the stellar one.
Many incarnated Lightworkers come from the on the level of their higher selves Galactic Federation of Light to which the above-mentioned luminous systems belong, but also many more.
The so-called also belongs to the Galactic Federation Ashtar commandwho already in the 1950s and then in the 1990s increasingly made contact with some light workers, mostly telepathically. Since the mid-1990s, there has usually been more talk of the Galactic Federation, whose representatives have reported through various channel media.
Starseeds are sometimes also referred to as "wanderers" because they "wander" from star system to star system, i.e. they incarnate there and actively help with the ascension process of the corresponding planet or system. They help to bring light into dark systems and then to lift the whole system (this can also mean a single planet) into light. And it is precisely this process that is currently running on earth and is entering its decisive final phase. Starseeds are advancement experts who usually have not had this experience just once.
By the way, I already had my own lightworker and starseed awakening in 1995 together with the beginning of my light body work and my light body process and then deepened further in the following years.
Thorsten Simon has been a spiritual teacher, especially a light body teacher, since 1996, with over 25 years of experience and research in the field of conscious light body work. He is one of the first pioneers of modern light body work in German-speaking countries and conveys very innovative knowledge, primarily based on his own experience, perception and research. He knows which Lightbody theories have been proven and which have not. He is therefore very familiar with the light body process and the associated energetic restructuring process from his own experience and has experienced the enormous development acceleration of correctly and consistently practiced light body work - in comparison to other spiritual paths.
The light body trainings offered by him, with the knowledge and corresponding special techniques contained therein, as well as the clarification and activation support through the meditations and energy exercises of his seminars, can significantly accelerate and facilitate the spiritual development path and in particular the light body path and process. Here you can get up-to-date and innovative light body know-how and the knowledge of your various energy systems - including many new, previously unknown. With his teaching he sets new standards in the field of spiritual work, especially modern light body work, but also in the field of subtle anatomy and spiritual cosmology.
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