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Chakras: energy centers of the body


Chakras are the energy centers of the body (seven in number), which are lined up like pearls on a string along the spine up to the crown of the head. Each chakra is assigned certain properties that interlock and are more or less open depending on the phase and position of life. Chakra means something like wheel, so that each chakra can be imagined as a kind of flywheel that transports energy from a lower to the next higher level of development.

A state of equilibrium is only achieved when all chakras are open and the energy can flow freely from below upwards. However, this is usually not the case due to physical and mental blockages that can manifest themselves in each of the chakras. The different techniques of Hatha Yoga serve to overcome these blockages.

Knowledge through concentration on the chakras

In his practice techniques, the Hatha Yogi tries by concentrating on the chakras to find out where minor or negative characteristics lead to blockages and protective mechanisms. Like every other yoga path, that of Hatha Yoga seeks to free oneself from these blockages and to achieve a holistic awareness of unity.

In practice, the individual elements that are assigned to the chakras (see table) are used to strengthen the concentration on the chakras. For example, the colors are visualized or the syllables are sung to make the chakras, which can be imagined as wheels, vibrate.

The 7 chakras at a glance

Each chakra is assigned certain elements that can be included when concentrating on the energy centers.

ChakraAssignmentWill be associated with ...
1. Muladhara Chakra
"Holder of the Root"
Base chakra
Base, root chakra
Seat: pelvic floor
Element: earth
Sense: sense of smell
Red color
Syllable / letter: Lam / U
... the ability to get along in life
to feel rooted. Keywords:
Family, childhood, basic trust,
Society, conditioning,
Stability, existential fear
2. Svadhishthana Chakra
"Place of self"
Sacral chakra
Seat: abdomen
Element: water
Sense: sense of taste
Color orange
Syllable / letter: Vam / O
... what your own identity
Keywords: gender,
Creativity, dualism, sexuality,
3. Manipura Chakra
"City of Jewels"
Solar plexus chakra
Navel chakra
Seat: upper abdomen
Element: fire
Sense: sense of sight
Color yellow
Syllable / Letter: Ram / OU
... what your own self
matters. Keywords:
Self worth, self confidence
Drive, development, power,
4. Anahata Chakra
"Not ailing
(mystical) tone "
Heart chakra
Seat: chest
Element: air
Sense: sense of touch
Color green
Syllable / letter: Yam / A
... all emotional issues.
Tags: love, compassion,
Grief, pain, surrender, anger,
Hate, joy
5. Vishuddha Chakra
"The pure, pure"
Throat chakra
Larynx chakra
Seat: neck
Element: ether
Sense: sense of hearing
Color: sea blue
Syllable / letter: Ham / I
... the mindful processing and
the interpretation of the
Sensory impressions. Keywords:
Will, sincerity, communication,
Expression of energies,
Authenticity, inner attitude,
6. Ajna Chakra
"Place of command"
Third eye chakra
Third eye chakra
Seat: forehead space
Element: mental powers
Sense: sense of balance
dark blue
Syllable / letter: OM / E
... the ability to be yourself
recognize life and yourself
so to see it as it is. Keywords:
Brain functions, mind, logic,
Analysis, reflection, contemplation,
Intuition, self-knowledge
7. Sahasrara Chakra
"Thousand-petalled lotus"
Head chakra
Crown chakra
Meaning: no assignment
Color: purple
Syllable / letter:
Inner sound / M
Keywords: connectedness, true
See, true nature, true self,
Freedom, bliss, that
Supreme, connection with God
or a higher force, inner and
outer unity, samadhi,

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