What are unmarked invoices

Front Office cash register bills

The menu item Cash register> Invoice allows invoices to be called up directly, i. H. the room plan or the navigator does not have to be called up beforehand to open the invoice for a specific reservation.

By entering the name or the room number, the invoice dialog for the respective reservation is called up directly.

If no cash register is active yet, the cash register selection window appears in which you can select the desired cash register number. and - if this has been created in the master data - you can also enter a password. If the cash register selection window does not appear, a cash register is already registered. The name of this cash register is displayed in the status line of the protel main window.


You can view invoices from guests who have been checked out until the end of the day. Invoices from guests who were checked out the day before can only be displayed / printed via the invoice history.


General information on the invoice

Up to six different invoices (A - F) can be provided for a reservation, each of which can have different invoice addresses and payment agreements (button "More - payment instructions"). If these six invoice windows are not sufficient, additional pseudo accounts can be created for the guest / company / group.

Calling up the invoice dialog

As an alternative to the "Cash desk> Invoice" menu, you can also call up the respective guest invoice via the navigator (right-click in the invoice area) or, if the reservation is marked in the room plan, click on the CO icon (Check Out) in the icon bar.


Available user rights


FO invoice

Regulates access to the menu item "Cash register> Invoices".


Structure of the invoice dialogue

The invoice dialogue is divided into three parts:

In the upper area, the guest information and the total balance are displayed.

The partial invoice windows are in the middle area.

Below you will find a summary of the respective balances and the buttons for editing.

Guest information

The data displayed here cannot be edited. They show the room and the guest for whom the resulting services are booked. The reservation status is also displayed here (CI / CO / RES etc.) If the guest belongs to a company or a group, the company or group name is displayed accordingly. In the case of group reservations, the "room no." the group account number.

Partial invoice window

By default, two partial invoice windows are displayed in the invoice dialog, with each partial invoice window representing its own partial invoice. If there is a single invoice for a guest, the information in the second partial invoice window remains empty. For the sake of clarity, a maximum of three partial invoice windows are displayed at the same time.

The individual postings can be seen in each sub-window.

Date: Date and time of booking (when was the service booked?)

Version 2014.18.401 | Rdate: Invoice date (when was the invoice created?)

A ":" (colon) in front of the number indicates that the booking is a package. A "+" symbol appears in front of the booking text on the printed invoice if the service was diverted from another room.

A "*" in front of the booking text identifies the booking as a fixed service (i.e. as a service that was automatically booked at the end of the day.

With a right mouse click on an invoice item, a context menu appears that offers you many actions in connection with the booked service. The options are described below in the section "Context menu in the invoice dialog".

Each partial invoice window is marked with a letter (A - F), next to it you can see the name of the invoice recipient and the agreed payment method.

If you click on the letter of the invoice, all invoice items are marked and can be edited together using the context menu (see below). Individual invoice items can be marked with a simple click of the mouse.

If you click on the invoice recipient's button, you will be taken to their guest profile. If no additional billing address has yet been entered for a partial bill, a guest search is carried out by clicking on the empty button in order to assign the desired address.

If you click on the payment method (e.g. cash in euros), you will get to the "Payment instructions" dialog. There you can store payment instructions or change the invoice recipient or the payment method.

The respective balances are located directly below the subwindows.

Balance display

In the lower part of the window, the balances of the respective partial invoice (A - F) are displayed behind the green arrow buttons. If you can see the number "0.00" in this field, this invoice has either been cleared, not created, or no services have yet been booked.

As soon as there are more than two invoices for a reservation, additional control elements appear in the lower area of ​​the invoice dialog:

By activating the checkbox the respective partial invoice window is "anchored" so that it retains its position in the window despite scrolling.

By clicking on the arrow buttons [<] and [>] you can scroll back and forth between the invoices.

Context menu in the invoice dialog

If you click with the right mouse button on an invoice item in a partial invoice window, a context menu appears. The options that you have in this menu are very diverse - especially when you are working with packages.

Booking details

If the booking details for a normal service are called up, the "Booking details" window appears (for more information see section "Booking details for services".

If it is a package booking (recognizable by the colon ":" in front of the number), the "Package / Split" window is opened.

Edit marked items

A submenu appears in which you can cancel the marked booking (s). It is also possible to create a new package from the marked bookings. No new packages can be created from package and payment type bookings!

Combine to package

Create a new package from the marked services. Assign a name and an additional text.

Delete all related tax postings

If a tax exemption code is subsequently stored for this guest or this reservation, the tax postings will be deleted for all previously marked bookings based on the tax exemption code defined in the master data.

Post external taxes again

If a tax exemption code has been entered by mistake, this function can be used to post the tax for all marked postings.

Rebook marked items

on A - F

Posts the marked booking (s) to the selected partial invoice A - F.

for someone else's account

Books the marked booking (s) on the invoice of another guest who is in the house on the day of the rebooking.

on a new account

Books the marked booking (s) to a new account (passer-by account) with a different invoice recipient.

to a new invoice from the same invoice recipient

New from version 2013.17.430 from 09/20/2013
Books the marked booking (s) to a new account (passer-by account), the invoice recipient is retained.

on group master

Transfers the marked booking (s) for group guests to the associated group master (see section "Rebooking")

Transfer all items to a new invoice

New from version 2013.17.430 from 09/20/2013
Redirects all booked services to a new account with its own invoice number. protel creates a passer-by account for the same invoice recipient, which can be managed and closed separately.

You can easily access separately created invoices using the selection box at the bottom right of the window:


With the help of this point, the discount that has been set in the guest profile using a discount code can be calculated and booked even before check-out. Once the discount has been booked, no further discount calculation is possible. With "Reset discount calculation" this option is given again and the discount can be booked again. The first discount booking remains.

Voucher redemption

Appears only when the voucher module is activated. The value of the voucher will be credited to the invoice.


Opens the More dialog.

To edit...

Calls the invoice edit dialog, e.g. to post a down payment.

Check out

Opens the check-out window. (see section "Interim Invoice / Advance Invoice / Early Departure").

Info bill

Prints an info invoice.


Opens the booking dialog.


Opens the standard Windows calculator.

Translate items again

If sales accounts are stored in different languages ​​and the guest's language is changed during the stay, the invoice may include services in English and German, for example. In order to have all bookings appear in one language, e.g. the German items are marked and translated with this function according to the language stored in the guest profile.


Available user rights


FO booking details

Regulates access to the menu item "Booking details" in the context menu of the partial invoice window.


FO transfer posting of customer receivables

Controls the transfer of a debit payment method within a guest invoice that is still open.

If, for example, a customer payment was posted to invoice window A in an invoice, the right controls whether the payment can be transferred to another invoice window / guest invoice.


FO summarize services

Regulates access to the menu item "Edit selected items> Combine to package" in the context menu of the partial invoice window.


FO Post external taxes again

Regulates access to the menu item "Edit selected items> Post new external taxes" in the context menu of the partial invoice window.


Book FO discount

Regulates access to the menu item "Discount> Book Discount" in the context menu of the partial invoice window.


FO translate invoice

Regulates access to the menu item "Recompile items" in the context menu of the partial invoice window.


Cancel bookings

[Invoice dialogue Partial invoice window]

One of the fundamentals of proper bookkeeping is that all existing postings are numbered without gaps. Services can therefore not simply be deleted; instead, the "Cancel" function is used correctly for accounting purposes. This means that all services remain documented and traceable in the database.

Open the invoice dialog for the respective guest and look for the booked item in the relevant partial invoice window.

Select the booking to be canceled (one or more), press the right mouse button and select the option "Edit selected items" in the context menu. Select the "Cancel" option there. Or mark the service and click on the [Cancel] button at the bottom right of the window.

The bookings are canceled, i. H. the corresponding negative offsetting entries are made automatically.

In the case of payment type cancellations, the positive and negative postings are listed in the cash register. If a payment method has the character "customer" or "credit card", the offsetting entry is also transferred to the accounts receivable management.

You can also cancel manually: Use the [Post] button to enter a negative value either for the number or for the amount and then confirm with [OK]. Make sure that you enter the same sales account as the one you want to cancel.

It often makes sense to transfer the postings that offset each other to an invoice that is not required so that they are not printed on the guest invoice.


Available user rights


FO cancel service

Regulates the access to the menu item "Edit marked BG.> Cancel" in the context menu of the partial invoice window.


FO cancel service without reason

After a selected service has been canceled, the "Please enter reason for cancellation" window appears.


FO cancel service (button in invoice dialog)

Regulates access to the "Cancel" button in the invoice dialog.


Transfer to another partial invoice

[Invoice dialogue Partial invoice window]

Open the invoice dialog for the respective guest and look for the booking that is to be rebooked in the relevant partial invoice window.

To transfer a booking to another detailed invoice, simply mark the corresponding booking (s) and drag and drop them into the other partial invoice.

Alternatively, you can rebook a marked booking by pressing the green arrow buttons in the lower area of ​​the invoice dialog:
Mark the respective invoice item in the partial invoice window and then click on the green arrow button for the target invoice, e.g. B .: .

In addition, a marked service can be rebooked using the context menu option "Repost marked items".

Open further partial invoices

[Invoice dialogue Partial invoice window]

For example, if you want to open a third invoice for a reservation, mark the corresponding bookings in the invoice dialog for the reservation and simply drag and drop the marked booking (s) onto one of the green arrow buttons, e.g. B. on .

The system automatically creates a new partial invoice.


Booking details service

The booking details are called up by clicking on the service with the right mouse button. When the context menu opens, select the option "Booking details".

In the right window area, posting texts and amounts can be changed and postings split. Amounts can only be changed on the day of booking. Changes to the text, on the other hand, can also be made regardless of the booking date.

At the bottom right of the window there are three buttons that provide the following functions:

The booking will be canceled. A negative posting is generated that appears on the invoice.

The booking text is changed according to the entry.

There are two ways of splitting an existing booking into two parts: Either you split the amount or the quantity.

Change the relevant number and then press the [Split] button. An additional booking then appears in the invoice and the original booking has been changed accordingly.

Payment postings can of course only be split by amount. It is necessary that the cash register with which the payment was posted is registered.

Since splitting does not change the value of the services booked, old bookings can also be split.


Booking: 17 units of telephone à -, 70 €. 10 units of this are to be split off (e.g. to transfer them to another invoice): Change the quantity and overwrite the 17 with the 10. Click on [Split]; There are now 2 phone bookings on the bill, one 10 and one 7 units of telephone.

Booking: Double room 220, - €, of which 100, - € should be split off (since this is, for example, the single room price and the company only replaces the single room price): Change of the price - Overwrite the 220, - € with 100, - €. Click on [Split]; There are now two accommodation bookings on the bill, one € 100 and one € 120. If necessary, the text can of course also be changed to "single room".


Change single amount

Overwrite the price in the price field and click on [OK]. The original booking is reversed and the item is booked at the new price:

In the case of articles booked several times (quantity> 1), the changed price always refers to the individual price of the article!


Available user rights


FO services: Change booking text

Regulates access to the "Change text" function in the booking details.


FO services: change additional text

Regulates access to the "Change text"> "Change additional text" function in the booking details.


Package / split

[Invoice dialogue Partial invoice window]

Packages are packages that contain several services (sales accounts).

A package can be booked in two different ways:

  • On the one hand, when booking a rate type, as this includes or can include accommodation and additional services such as breakfast, half board, etc.

  • On the other hand, when booking packages that are created via sales accounts.

Example: A tennis package costs € 48 and consists of the following sales accounts

15, - € tennis court rental

28, - € coaching hour

€ 5 iso drink

This package can be booked like a sales account and therefore differs from a rate code that can only be booked using a daily closing or the "Manual accommodation booking" function.

With the right mouse button on the desired booking you get to the "Packages / Split" dialog.

The name of the package and the additional text are displayed in the upper part ("Package name / invoice text"). The designations entered here will be printed on the invoice. If necessary, the texts can be overwritten.After clicking on the button [Change booking text], the changes to the texts are saved.

The services contained in the package are displayed with the individual prices in the left-hand window area. Right-clicking on a service opens the relevant booking detail, where you can edit the individual service.

Transfer from / to package

Button [Adopt from invoice]: You can add selected services to the current package. They are removed from the invoice as individual services (i.e. no longer displayed / printed) and the price of the package is increased accordingly.

  1. First mark the service that you want to add in the table overview.
  2. Press the [Strg] or [Ctrl] key on your keyboard and, while holding down the key, mark the package in which you want to insert the service:

  1. Now click with the right mouse button on the package and select the booking detail in the context menu.
  2. Click on [Copy from invoice].
  3. The service is now in the package:

Button [Remove from package]: You can remove selected services from the package so that they appear on the invoice and are printed out like normal bookings.

Split the entire package

If you click on one of the buttons [1/2], [1/3], [1/4], [1/5] or [1/6], the respective amount will be split off from the total value of the package. After clicking the button [1/6], for example, one sixth of the total amount is split off.

If you would like to split a certain amount, you can write the amount directly in the input field provided for this purpose. Then click on the button [Split amount].

In all cases, the services of the package are automatically divided proportionally.

To cancel the package, click the [Cancel] button.

Booking details within a package

The booking details can also be called up for the services that are displayed within the package / split. The changes made by splitting or canceling can change the displayed amount of the package.


An incorrect amount was booked for room rate bookings. The price is too high and you want to reduce the amount. If you split off a part via the package, the corresponding part will be split off as a percentage of all included services.

If the reduction is only to take place via the accommodation share, call up the booking detail "Package / Split" with the right mouse button. Then call up the booking details of the service that is to be reduced. You can now split the corresponding portion from the service whose sales are to be reduced.


Check out

[Invoice dialogue Check out]

Invoices can be checked out on the day of departure or before departure. The check-out takes place in the invoice dialog by clicking on the [Check-Out] button.

a) on the day of departure

On the guest's day of departure, click on the [Check Out] button to complete the invoice and to post a payment for the invoice items included. If there are several partial invoices, each partial invoice must be checked out separately.

In the upper area you can see the name of the guest, the room number, the letter of the invoice (A-F) and the invoice recipient on the left. To the right of this, the sums of the debit, the payment and the resulting balance are displayed. Credit card authorizations can also be seen here.

The value date can be entered in the "Value date" field if it differs from the current date (the value date is the date for which the payment appears on the invoice).

In order to be able to enter several different payment methods, four lines can be seen in the middle area of ​​the window in which you can enter the desired payment method and the respective amount.

Payment method

Display of the payment method, standard is "cash payment", if another payment method was not stored for this guest in the reservation. Select the desired payment method from the selection box.


The total of the outstanding balance is displayed automatically, it can be overwritten, depending on how the guest makes the payment. If the amount is overwritten, the resulting difference amount is displayed in the next line, for which a different payment method can be selected.

When paying with foreign currencies, the amount is automatically converted and displayed (according to the exchange rate stored in the master data). You can also enter a higher amount (e.g. balance = 72, - dollars, guest gives a 100, - dollar bill), the change amount is calculated automatically and displayed in the next line.

Additional text / CC

Optionally, an additional text can be entered which will be printed on the invoice. If credit card details were entered when making the reservation, the credit card number appears in this field and the credit card expiration date in the "Valid" field.

Course / card holder at CC

In the case of foreign currencies, the stored exchange rate is displayed or, in the case of a credit card, the stored cardholder.

Determine the number of copies of the invoice.

Is the checkbox If the invoice preview is activated, the invoice is displayed on the screen before it is printed.

If the checkbox is deactivated, the invoice will be printed directly.

Layout of the invoice

If a different form than the standard form is to be printed, the desired form can be selected here. If a different form is displayed than the standard form, a different one has already been assigned using the "Invoice print mode" function. (The prerequisite for using different invoice forms is that various forms have been defined in the master data).

The print mode (detailed, summarized, etc.) for this invoice can be changed in the selection box below.

If an invoice form was created with different currencies, you can decide here in which currency the form will be printed.

If the guest has rented a safe, a reminder box is displayed when checking out.

Automatically create an invoice in the guest's language ( from version 2013.16.816 )

[Invoice dialog box Check out Layout of the invoice]

Choose to automatically display the invoice form in the language of the invoice recipient. Subsequent manual adjustments to the form using the "More / Invoice print mode" function can then only be made in the respective language.

If you would like to use this function, our support team will be happy to set up your protel for you. Contact us!

Insert dividing line ( from version 2013.16.816 )

[Invoice dialogue Check out Layout of the invoice]

Upon request, it is possible to include e.g. B. insert a dividing line between the entries for services and payments. Any characters can be used as a separator

[UsePaymentSeparator {1}]

[PaymentSeparator {=============================}]

Show total open amount ( from version 2014.18.067)

[Invoice dialog box Check out Layout of the invoice]

You can use the replacement code $ Totalk to display the total amount still open on invoice forms. The amount is calculated from $ Sum - $ SumDebit (sum of services - debit payments).

Invoices as PDFs in the guest profile

Make copies of your (Word or HED) invoices and store them in the invoice list in the guest profile.

To be able to use this function, you need the protel PDF Maker add-on. Please speak to your protel support about this!

b) Interim invoice / advance invoice / early departure

If you click the [Check Out] button on an invoice and the guest's departure date has not yet been reached, a window appears with the following options:


Interim invoice

An invoice is created that contains all the services that have been booked so far. The "CO / Capture Payments" window appears to enter the payment method. The payment is captured, the guest remains checked in.

Advance invoice

All outstanding accommodation bookings and fixed services that have already been created are automatically transferred to the invoice window in advance for a selectable period and booked. The guest remains checked in, at the end of the day only additional services used are booked.

Usually the booking is made by the planned departure date. If necessary, you can also select a different period here (see below: "Select period"). By default, after clicking on the [Advance Invoice] button, the CO / Post Payments window appears in order to post a payment for the services entered in advance.

New from version 2013.17.430 from 09/20/2013

Choose period

For the entire remaining stay

The advance invoice will be issued by the planned departure date.

For the next x days

The advance invoice is created for the number of days selected here.

From [date] to [date]

The advance invoice will be created up to the date selected here.

Do not start a payment process

If the box is checked, the services will be posted without incoming payments and will continue to be managed as open items.

Example: Create advance invoices without incoming payments

If advance invoices are to be created for the same invoice recipient without receipt of payment and billed separately, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. Open the invoice window of the checked-in guest.

  2. Click on [Check Out].

  3. In the "Check out before departure" window, select a period for the advance invoice and tick the checkbox Do not start a payment process.

  4. Click on [Advance Invoice]. The services in question are now placed on the invoice.

  5. Right-click on any booking in the respective invoice window and select "All items are transferred to a new invoice“.

è All bookings are diverted to a separate invoice with its own invoice number. Internally, the new invoice is created as a passers-by invoice.

èThe new invoice is displayed in the lower right corner of the main invoice window as linked invoice displayed.


Early departure

The "CO / Capture payments" window appears immediately to enter the payment method. After pressing [OK], a security query appears asking whether the reservation should be reduced to today. The guest is then automatically checked out.


Available user rights


FO advance invoice

Regulates access to the "Advance Invoice" function.


Available settings for invoice printing

  • New from version 2015.19.200 from 07/30/2015
    Using the replacement code $ TAA1Total {sales account number X + sales account number Y + ...} you can add up several sales accounts and present them as a total at the end of an invoice. By default, up to 20 sales account numbers can be added together. As of version 2015.19.114, the number of sales accounts that can be accumulated can be configured. Example for 40 accounts: [TAA1Total {100 + 101 + 102 + 110 + ... + ... up to 40 accounts}]
    (XSetup: invoice, maxtaatotal, n) On request, protel can save a copy of the invoice form as a PDF in the invoice directory or another freely configurable directory.

  • New from version 2013.16.816 from 02.25.2013
    If required, the invoice form can be selected automatically in the language of the invoice recipient. Note: Subsequent manual adjustments to the form using the "More / Invoice printing mode" function can then only be made in the respective language. If you would like to use this function, our support team will be happy to set up your protel for you. Contact us!

  • When generating the invoice, protel automatically copies the invoice recipient's email address to the clipboard. When sending the invoice, the e-mail address can then simply be transferred to the recipient field of the e-mail program with Ctrl + C; there is no need to type in the e-mail address manually. This feature can be switched off on request.

  • The display of amounts in all dialogs and on the invoice depends on the Windows country settings. In the invoice form, a different number of decimal places can be defined with the expression [Decimals {n}] at the foot of the form. {n} stands for the number of desired decimal places.

  • If desired, the date of payment can be noted on the invoice

  • ...and much more

Your protel distributor or protel Support will inform you about the options and will be happy to make the appropriate settings for you.


Edit invoice

The "Edit invoice" menu can be called up via the invoice dialog with the [Edit] button and via the More ... button in the navigator. Further information can be found in the respective help chapter.

Storage location for invoice documents

  1. The storage location for invoice documents can be set individually if necessary (e.g. c: \ invoices). The default directory is \ protel \ rech. Please make sure to back up this directory regularly.
  2. The backup storage location for invoice documents can also be set individually (e.g. "c: \ backupexample"). If a document is not found in the standard path, protel looks in the set backup path. With this method, the documents can be moved to the backup directory from time to time if the storage space at the original location is e.g. B. is too expensive (data center). The backup directory must be backed up regularly.