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How important are antibodies to vaccine research?

Why are antibodies important when looking for a vaccine against corona? What side effects can an inadequately tested vaccine have? Knowledge editor Klaus Zintz answers questions about the corona virus in front of the camera.

Stuttgart - Knowledge editor Klaus Zintz answers three questions in a video interview. Why are antibodies important when looking for a vaccine against the coronavirus? What are the side effects of an inadequately tested vaccine? Why is it important with the mask to cover the mouth and nose at the same time?

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At the moment it is still unclear how long you will be immune to the virus after surviving a corona infection - thanks to antibodies. When looking for a reliable vaccine, scientists focus on the body's immune defenses, but so far no decisive breakthrough has been achieved in research in this country.

Russia presents vaccine

Russian researchers are apparently a little further in the search for an effective vaccine against the corona virus: The first people there were vaccinated against corona with a vaccine called "Sputnik V", which is said to be primarily medical staff and teachers. The international research community and the World Health Organization (WHO) reacted cautiously to the Russian announcement.

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In the approval process for the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”, which is subject to worldwide specifications and longer-term test phases, the so-called phase III study was apparently skipped outright. In order to maintain a worldwide medical standard, scientists are testing between 300 and 3000 test subjects for the effectiveness and safety of the administered serum during a phase III study during vaccine development. In Russia, however, the final series of tests with more than 2000 participants only began a few days ago.

Unexpected side effects

An inadequately tested vaccine can have uncontrollable side effects, including fatal infections, warns Klaus Zintz in the video. In addition, people would lose confidence in a possible effective vaccine and consequently would not be vaccinated, explains the knowledge editor.

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Zintz holds a PhD in biology and has been following the development of the coronavirus since the beginning of January. Since the outbreak of the virus, he has been answering important questions about the topic and explaining the background to the camera.

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