How do I sell menswear online

Sell ​​old clothes? We have the 10 best platforms!

Apr 11, 2019

Updated May 6, 2021

The most common problem of all fashionistas? The capacity of the wardrobe. At the latest when stuffing, pushing and squeezing starts again after two seasons, it is time to be honest with yourself, to take a close look at everything and to ask yourself: Am I really still wearing this? We often hang on to dresses or jumpsuits that we haven't worn in years. Did you know that we only carry 10% out of our closet on average? But we buy new looks every year for around 1700 euros.

Divorce hurts, but remember, this creates space for new things. And not only that! With the right platform on which you offer your goods, you can even improve the cash register. But be quick, because fashion is constantly changing: With the exception of vintage items, clothing quickly loses value. The older the clothes are, the less they fit into current trends. This also reduces the likelihood that someone will want to buy the looks used. So, let's go! Muck out before the season change, making room for new bargains and still earning money in the process.

For you, I took a close look at the best second-hand platforms, online marketplaces, flea market apps and web shops and was really amazed by the variety. Depending on what matters to you, you really have the choice!


Screenshot Vinted homepage January 2021

Vinted (formerly Kleiderkreisel / Mamikreisel)

Certainly one of the most popular online marketplaces: Auf Vinted, the former clothing circle, you can buy, sell, trade or give away clothes. A forum offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. Since it was founded in 2009, Vinted has become one of the most popular platforms - with partner networks across Europe, the site has around 20 million members. So if you want to get rid of many parts as quickly as possible, you've come to the right place - if only because of the high number of users. But be prepared for the members to act and haggle as much as they can by default. That can lower the profit margin. With the intuitive app, selling is also very easy on the smartphone.

Vinted works with a third party provider when it comes to the payment system. After a successful sale you can choose: either the amount is transferred to the account or credited to the individual "Vinted wallet".

Perfect for everyone who:

► Like flea markets
► want to shop sustainably
► want to bring larger amounts to the woman
► Estimate good sales opportunities due to the high number of members

Costs: no

Screenshot of the girls' flea market homepage March 2019

Girls flea market

Styling tips and a concierge service - at Girls flea market it works a little differently than with Kleiderkreisel. Here, if you wish, the employees can take pictures and adjust your clothes. All you have to do is send them there beforehand. Alternatively, you can photograph clothes, shoes and accessories yourself and post the looks in your online wardrobe. Above all, high-quality parts and designer clothes promise success here. But you can also sell looks from cheaper labels without any problems. For every sale there is one 10% commission of the last valid price due. Note: The community is not as big as Kleiderkreisel, so it can take a little longer for your things to find a buyer. Specialty: After receiving the goods, your customer has three days to report a problem.

Perfect for everyone who:
► want to turn bad purchases into cash ► want to get rid of styles from last season

► want to pay a lower commission than online marketplaces for designer fashion
► also want to sell cheaper labels
► Appreciate uncomplicated processing

Costs: Self-advertisers pay 10% commission, if you use the Concièrge service you pay 40% of the sales price.

Screenshot of the clothes basket homepage March 2019

Clothes basket

On CLOTHES BASKET you can exchange, sell or give away your clothes and accessories for free. Simply register and offer your looks.

Perfect for everyone who:

► Love flea markets
► Attach importance to the sustainable use of clothes
► Want to sell, buy or swap with just a few clicks
► like it uncomplicated

Costs: no

Screenshot Remix homepage March 2019


Remix offers high-quality branded clothing and accessories in nine countries. In the portfolio you will find more than 5000 world-famous brands in three price segments: Luxury (designer brands, high price level), Mid Range (modern brands, a higher price level than the budget brands) and Budget (popular cheap brands).

The process is simple and really practical: At Remix you order a so-called. Remix BAG via your previously created profile. The bag will be delivered to you free of charge. At home you fill the Remix BAG with selected parts or accessories and returns them free of charge to Remix to the nearest DHL branch or to the packing station. In the section "My sales" in your own profile you can follow the status of your articles. If you don't want to wait for your products to be sold, you can even choose the “sell now” option. Then you will immediately receive the amount suggested for your article in your remix credit.

Perfect for everyone who:

► want to sell current branded clothing (you can see which labels Remix accepts via the brand search)
► want to get rid of seasonal and well-preserved pieces
► want to achieve a moderate price quickly, which you can determine online using the income calculator (the sales proceeds vary depending on the brand, but are more in the low double-digit euro range.)

Costs: Commission, so that you have between 20% - 40% of the proceeds

Screenshot of eBay classifieds homepage March 2019

The classic for (almost) all sales: eBay classified ads

eBay classifieds everyone knows. Even if the platform is not a pure fashion portal, you can get rid of your favorite pieces from yesterday there. To do this, you have to register on the portal. Then simply create an account, upload product images, briefly describe and set the price, done!

Perfect for everyone who:

► are already on eBay anyway
► want to get relatively good prices
► Bring a little patience, because it can take a while to sell

eBay classifieds is basically free. However, if you post more than 50 ads within 30 days, a fee of EUR 0.95 per ad will be charged.


Screenshot Vestiaire Collective homepage March 2019

Vestiaire Collective

At Vestiaire Collective fashion bloggers sell their discarded looks. The French resale site - founded in 2009 - has over seven million members in more than 40 countries. All users love second-hand designer fashion or want to sell their own discarded looks - without having to sell valuable items at flea markets. Registration and use of the portal are free, a commission is due for every sale. The amount of the commission depends on the sales price of the item. It amounts to at least 21 euros plus the commission rate that is due for the respective price range - depending on whether the sales price is between 50 and 100 euros or over 100 euros.

A plus point: All articles are checked for authenticity and subjected to a quality control at the headquarters, so that when you buy one you can be sure that you are receiving a genuine designer piece.

An extra: The alarm function. You can be notified as soon as the piece or accessory you are looking for has been uploaded by another user.

Perfect for everyone who:► Want to get rid of designer clothes at a good price
► Have lots of elegant pieces hanging in your closet, never worn
► Place value on a large selection of products and guaranteed high quality
► Appreciate good sales opportunities through high membership numbers

Costs: Vestiaire Collective charges approx. 30% of the sales price as commission.

Screenshot Rebelle homepage March 2019


Rebel is the "Made in Germany" alternative to the French platform Vestiaire Collective. The Hamburg start-up offers its members a concierge service as practical support: REBELLE employees take care of uploading product photos, product descriptions and shipping the goods. After a successful sale, you can have the proceeds paid out. Here you can log in with Facebook or you can create an account. If you don't want to use the concierge service, you have to fill out an extensive questionnaire and upload pictures.

Perfect for everyone who:

► have too many designer looks in your closet that are rarely worn
► Want to present and offer luxury looks in a sophisticated way
► Value a high-quality shopping experience
► want to be sure that they are getting adequate prices for branded goods

Costs: Rebelle charges approx. 15% of the sales price as commission. If you use the concierge service, 40% of the sales price is due.


Screenshot Shpock homepage March 2019


Whatever you're looking for - you'll find it on SHPOCK. Similar to eBay classified ads, you can use this app not only to buy and sell clothes and accessories, but all sorts of things. Simply create an account, upload pictures, enter the title, description and price - all users in the immediate vicinity will see your offer. Because that is the principle of SHPOCK. Usually the buyers come from close by and pick up the goods so that you don't have to send anything.

Perfect for everyone who:

► want to sell their clothes conveniently via mobile
► like it to be uncomplicated and quick
► want to save the annoying mailing

Costs: no

Screenshot Momox Fashion homepage March 2019


Momox fashion buys clothes cheaply in order to resell them via their own Ebay shop or via You can also sell individual parts at Momox. If you enter whether it is a blazer or a sweater etc. from a certain brand, the tool shows you how much you get for the respective piece: For a dress from H&M you get around 1.50 euros. The shipping costs are covered.

Perfect for everyone who:

► Want to get rid of a lot of fast fashion clothes (Zara, H&M etc.) at once
► who only want to bring one large parcel to the post office instead of many small ones
► Don't want to get the maximum business at any price

Costs: no

Screenshot Tictail homepage March 2019


Why go through a third-party provider? You can also be super easy at Tictail open your own online store. To do this, you create an account, open the shop and list the goods you want to sell there. The highlight: Your own shop at Tictail can be reached via a link that you can share on Facebook, Instagram or your blog.

Perfect for everyone who:

► are on the go as a blogger
► Have a lot of social media followers
► just feel like trying out your own shop

Costs: no


If you want to photograph and upload your products yourself, here are a few useful tips:

► Ensures natural light conditions

Lighting makes a big difference: be sure to take your pictures in daylight. Artificial light sources distort the color of clothing. No filters! After all, the potential buyer should see what he is getting as precisely as possible.

► Shows details and perspectives

The more details you show, the more interesting the offer will be. The nature of the material or its quality can be better assessed on detailed photographs. At least three pictures are ideal, if possible from different perspectives - for example, you can first show a dress in its entirety, hanging on the hanger, and then highlight eye-catching details, prints or the material in a close-up.

► Photographed against a neutral background

The aim of every picture is to put your product in the foreground. That's why you should ideally photograph your looks in front of a white wall or room door. You can stage shoes or handbags on a single-colored shoebox.

► Provides information about product features

The same applies here: go into detail and report precisely on the fit, cut, material and any defects. The more information you write in your offer, the less interested parties have to inquire. In addition, detailed product information increases the sales opportunities.

► Asks for realistic prices with leeway

At many online marketplaces, reasonable prices can usually be achieved. Rule of thumb: Set the starting price so that there is still room for a price reduction later.

Tip: If you don't know which price is ok, just compare Vestiaire Collective or Kleiderkreisel with similar products.

In doing my research, I was surprised at how many ways there are to sell discarded clothing online. I hope you find the right one for you. Feel free to tell me about your experiences in the comments - even if you know other online marketplaces. I wish you success!