What is the tech stack behind Shazam

Linz piano music start-up Oktav hires SEO expert Enzenhofer as a business angel

The two young entrepreneurs David Kitzmüller and Toni Luong are starting a platform for piano players in Linz. A large pool of piano sheet music is available to the musicians at Oktav, which is sorted and filtered according to their preferences and skills. There is a complicated recommendation technology behind the individualization. For the official launch of the platform, the young team not only secured FFG funding of 320,000 euros, but also brought their first business angel on board.

Work-for-equity deal

The SEO expert Franz Enzenhofer joins Oktav with 3.5 percent and supports the team primarily in marketing (work for equity) and for the first time he has also invested an unspecified amount in a startup. "The market opportunities for Oktav are enormous and have convinced me of the investment just as much as the competent founding team," Enzenhofer is quoted in a broadcast. Oktav co-founder Kitzmüller was previously Head of Marketing at karriere.at and got to know Enzenhofer there. Enzenhofer's agency Full Stack Optimization is one of the most important contact points for startups and companies in the digital sector when it comes to Google optimization. Over the years, the SEO professional has built up a reputation as one of the most important specialists in this field in Austria and published his first book on this last year (Trending Topics reported).

Shazam for piano players

The platform itself is fully developed and has been tried out with a few test users over the past few months. In July, Oktav will also open its doors to all other users - access costs 9.90 euros per month. A research project is now being carried out at the Johannes Kepler University Linz on the further development. “We want to be able to use the microphone to find out how well a musician plays the piano and which piece he is currently playing - a bit like with Shazam,” explains Kitzmüller. The startup intends to invest the funding primarily in this project and in its first employees.