Mutual respect is necessary for friendship

The gift of friendship

True friendship, if one has found it, forms an important pillar in life. A safety net in difficult phases of life and a wonderful companion on the path of life. But what is true friendship? And what can you do to maintain a good friendship?

The basis of a friendship

A good friendship is something that grows slowly, developed over months and years. Their basis is trust and mutual respect, similar to a partnership. But unlike a partnership or teenage friendships, friendships among adults are not quite as intense. Having one's own family, the job or physical distance often severely restrict direct contact. You don't see each other as much, instead you make more calls on the phone or you stay connected via social media. It is no longer important how often you see each other or how much you do together. Completely different values ​​count.

What is a good friendship?

As mentioned earlier, are Trust and mutual respect are the foundation of a good friendship. Two essential values ​​that slowly develop over time from dealing with one another. Ideally, this creates the feeling that you feel comfortable and secure together and that you have someone by your side who you can rely on. That is why friendships are such an important pillar in our life. But such a connection needs to be cultivated and treated with care.

Mindfulness walking the fine line

Since it is often not possible in adult life to maintain constant contact, the friendly ties run through completely different channels. It is important not to lose interest in the other and to show that you still think of each other and have the other person in your heart. A short message or a phone call is enough to get that across. But it is also important to accept boundaries. After all, everyone leads their own life. Whether you give advice or prefer not to interfere is not infrequently a tightrope walk. You are on the safe side if you only give well-intentioned advice when it is required. So you don't run the risk of imposing your own ideas on the other. Because an essential aspect of friendship is to accept the other for who he is.

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