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Do you work in the logistics industry and want to expand your competencies in this sector through specialist knowledge and practical skills? Then opt for a logistics master's distance learning alongside your job. Here you will find suitable logistics master’s courses and numerous tips on why a logistics master’s course is worthwhile!

Master's degree in logistics: find suitable distance learning universities

If you are looking for a suitable master’s degree, you have come to the right place. In our large database, we list an extensive range of universities and academies that offer a master’s distance learning course in the field of logistics. In order to keep the offer as large and varied as possible, you will also find courses called supply chain management or business administration with a focus on logistics. Don't let that put you off, because all courses come from logistics and can be studied alongside a job. You will therefore surely find a suitable master’s offer according to your ideas.

Depending on your current professional situation and what type of person you are, you have two options for organizing your studies in an extra-occupational master’s degree.

On the one hand, you have the option to choose distance learning. This means that you can study flexibly in terms of time and location. In the case of a distance learning Master’s Logistics course, you will usually receive the study documents by post or you can view them online via a digital campus. As a rule, you take part in the course virtually and can acquire the subject matter at any time and in any place. You only have to be personally present at a university study center for some exams.

The alternative to this is part-time face-to-face study. You take part in lectures and seminars on regular evenings during the week (evening study) or on the weekend (weekend study) and must also be present at the university for this.

Master in Logistics: All information about distance learning

Why does a master's degree in logistics make sense?

The effects of globalization can be felt everywhere, including in the logistics industry. Companies are constantly faced with new challenges, not only in order to be able to survive on the international market, but also topics such as sustainability, resource protection or the integration of new technologies are key points that require a high level of know-how in logistics. You can meet these growing demands with a logistics master’s degree and gain additional theoretical and practical specialist knowledge for your career in the logistics industry.

You have already successfully completed a bachelor’s degree and are active in your professional life, why should you still take up a master’s degree? We have collected a few reasons why a logistics master’s degree is very useful for your career, but also for your personal development. Put simply, the master’s degree serves to deepen your specialist knowledge in the field of logistics, it gives you better career opportunities and also helps you optimally with career changes.

  1. For some jobs, a master’s degree is a basic requirement
  2. An important step on the way to a management position
  3. More money is possible
  4. Expands the knowledge horizon

In a nutshell: With a Logistics Master you will become an expert, improve your professional prospects and get to know yourself better! A part-time course of study challenges you in a whole new way, because you have to bring work, study and private life under one roof and have a lot of ambition, discipline and perseverance. But in the end, this investment in your future will definitely pay off!

In order to be able to complete a master’s degree in logistics, you have to meet a few formal requirements in advance so that you can be admitted to the university by the university.

This usually includes:

  • A first professional degree (e.g. Bachelor or Diploma or a comparable international degree) in an economics or logistics subject.
  • Many providers also expect initial practical work experience of at least one year.
  • In some cases, sufficient knowledge of English (B2 level) is expected.
  • Depending on the university, a minimum grade of 2.5 may be required in the first degree.

personal requirements

For a logistics master's distance learning course, you should definitely have a few personal qualities that will make it easier for you to master the course successfully. These primarily include stamina, discipline, willingness to learn, resistance to stress and stable family support. A part-time course is not a piece of cake, because after your normal working day you still have to attend seminars, cramming learning material and preparing exams. Your character must be able to cope with these double burdens. Of course, this is easier if you also have the appropriate interest in economics and logistics. A good understanding of numbers as well as analytical skills and having fun in a structured way of working are also an advantage in the master's degree in logistics.

If you decide on a master's distance learning logistics course, you must also think about the tuition fees in advance of your planning. Part-time studies always cost money, regardless of the type of study (distance learning or face-to-face study) or which university you ultimately choose. So that you can get an initial overview of the costs you have to reckon with in the Logistics Master, we have selected a few examples from universities and courses of study for you.

UniversityCourse of studycosts

EU | FH Business School

Logistics management

430 € per month (32 months)


Logistics and supply chain management

up to 12,704 euros

North Academy


8,900 euros

OHM Professional School

Purchasing and logistics / supply chain management

16,212 euros

Basically, it can be said that you have to reckon with costs of around 8,000 to around 17,000 euros for a part-time master’s degree in logistics. But don't let that put you off, there are definitely different ways and means of financing your part-time studies. We have put together all the options for financing your studies, because if you specialize in logistics in addition to your job and continue your education with a master’s degree, you should not fail because of the costs.

The logistics distance learning course with a master’s degree provides you with a wealth of knowledge from logistics and supply chain management. You will learn to optimize processes and to analyze, design and control logistical supply chains holistically. In the course of study, you will also acquire advanced management expertise, so that you will be able to carry out logistical processes in industry, trade and the service sector across the board.

Therefore, you can encounter the following content during your studies:

  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing and innovation management
  • Service management in logistics
  • Industry logistics
  • Logistics markets
  • Transport logistics
  • IT systems in logistics
  • Risk and security management in logistics

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