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Moon glade

Moon glade

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In the north of Kalimdor between the Teufelswald and Winterquell is the Moon glade. With the city of night harbor, it is home to the Cenarion Circle. For this reason, there are mostly druids, i.e. tauren and night elves, who live there in harmony with one another.


There was tension between the night elves of Darnassus and the Cenarion Circle at the moon clearing ... tension that grew over time. The reason was the distrust between the archdruid Fandral Hirschhaupt and the keeper Remulos, the guardian of the moon clearing.

Each suspected the other of the chicane, and the fact that the strange corruption of Teldrassil continued to persist was still an issue here. That did little to ease the suspicion. But all druids are welcome in the sacred lands of the moon clearing, regardless of past tensions.


Druids can teleport to the moon glade with a spell from level 10. Other classes can only be found in the moon clearing around level 50 or at a lower level at the time of the moon festival. A tunnel of the Holzschlundfeste connects the devil's forest and winter spring with the moon clearing. For anyone who is not a druid, this is the only access until the flight point is discovered. However, the Woodmaw Holds are initially "hostile" to a player, which means that it is almost impossible to cross the tunnel without being attacked by them. So it is advisable to collect a little reputation at the Woodmaw Festival beforehand.

Flight points

Druids have the opportunity to fly from Moonglade to Thunder Bluff or Darnassus for free. Both flight points are located next to each other in the southwest of the night port. The general flight point of the Horde is to the south, to the left of the tunnel exit. The Alliance's flight point is south of Lake Elune'ara, between the two waterholes. [1]


The distant forests of Moonglade and the sacred Moon Bog were home to Cenarius, the demigod of the night elves. His sons, the keepers of the grove, also watched over the ancient forests of Kalimdor from here. Even the shy daughters of Cenarius, the dryads, helped him to keep the peace in the land.

When the Burning Legion and their undead minions began to invade Kalimdor, the night elf warriors realized that they would not be able to face such overwhelming odds alone. After Cenarius ’death, it was up to them to wake the druids from the Emerald Dream.

This was only possible with the demigod's horn, which was hidden on an island in the sacred moon moor. The undead were already advancing towards the burial mounds where Malfurion Stormrage slept. Once again the guards were forced to fight the orcs to reach the magical artifact. Just in time, Tyrande Whisperwind was able to wake the archdruid and leave the woods of Moonglade.

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