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Volksbank BraWo starts private banking

Changed demand structure requires the expansion of the service portfolio.
Expansion to include the private banking business is a logical step in line with customer needs.
Foundation of the Braunschweig private bank.

Braunschweig, April 11, 2013. Medium-sized entrepreneurs, wealthy private customers and (semi-) institutional investors demand a service portfolio that is tailored to their specific needs. According to Jürgen Brinkmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volksbank BraWo, one of the main reasons for this lies in the increased demand for security and down-to-earthness in advising and handling financial transactions: "We are seeing a high level of interest on the part of our customers in something that is based on the values ​​of our cooperative organization The expansion to include the private banking business is therefore a logical step in line with customer needs. "

Under the umbrella of Volksbank BraWo, the personnel and organizational requirements have now been created to consistently take this step. Under the name of "Braunschweiger Privatbank", a team of experienced private bankers will complement the current service portfolio in the future. Sascha Köckeritz, who previously held a managerial position for the Credit Suisse branch in Braunschweig, will take over the management of the new market segment. His team includes many specialists with decades of experience in the private customer business. In connection with the high-quality full banking services and products of Volksbank BraWo and the multiple award-winning asset management competence of DZ Privatbank, a comprehensive and market-driven offer for private customers is created.

Private customer competence meets a culture of trust

The new brand "Braunschweiger Privatbank" stands for the combination of private customer competence and the sustainable, value-oriented thinking and acting of Volksbank BraWo. Sascha Köckeritz sees this as fulfilling the wishes of many private customers: "In the course of my many years of activity in the private customer business, the attitude of many customers has fundamentally changed. Security and trust are the top priority today, followed by competence and knowledge of specific needs. For our team there is a unique opportunity to live a consulting philosophy that corresponds to the wishes of many customers and our ideas of sustainable, value-oriented private banking. "

This value-oriented attitude is also reflected in the visual appearance of the Braunschweiger Privatbank. The new brand is defined by the two core requirements for future-oriented private customer business: trust and competence. Volksbank BraWo, which stands for security and trust, was the inspiration for the graphic development of the new logo. Part of the Volksbank-V served as a basic structural element. The colors bronze and (Volksbank) blue document a down-to-earth attitude, modesty and sustainability, as well as competence, professionalism and clarity. As necessary, the positioning claim speaks for itself: Live values ​​- create values.

Braunschweig, April 15th, 2013

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