How do I chat with English speakers

Would like to learn English: Where can you chat / converse with other people from other countries?


You can find letter, email and chat friendships all over the world at:




- Omegle(possibly with age restriction)

Alternatives to the chat portal Omegle can be found under the following link:

For the improvement of your English skills, however, a pen friend would be, if you like, also by email, but then without these annoying abbreviations
how lol, asap, imho, ..., better, because otherwise the vocabulary, spelling and expression will fall by the wayside.

You can search for and find language tandem partners under the following links:



Skype is now a good way to find native English speakers to talk to.

Other ways to speak English:

• a German-English / American society, a German-American circle of friends, an America House

• an English language or conversation course (e.g. VHS), an English theater group, an English reading group, etc.

If your hometown has an English twin town or your school has an English partner school, there should also be a possibility for
Give pen pals, etc.

:-) AstridDerPu