What's your depressing song

My favorite song on the subject of "depression"

Depression accompanies the youth and also many other age groups of the 21st century almost more than any other mental illness. Pressure to perform against the countless possibilities. If you can't do something, it's your personal failure. In music, depression is treated very differently. Basically, I can only go along with Joe. As a rule, I can listen to melancholic or sad music much better than just rumbled party music. I have a whole melancholy playlist on YouTube that always helps me to come to terms with my feelings. What I find problematic in my generation is that depression and mental illness are often portrayed as "cool" or romanticized. Memes or certain music encourage young people to fall into depression. What can be a fun outlet for those affected on the one hand, also harbors dangers on the other. That's why I chose the song "all the kids are depressed" by Jeremy Zucker. He gives context to depression rather than just presenting it as a kind of fashion sickness. He describes his own experiences as well as those of other young people around the world. It shows that you are not alone in this. In a very personal and musical way, he deals with the disease and the problems it triggers. It shows that you have to struggle with depression, that it hurts and that you can somehow pull yourself up despite your deepest fears and self-doubts. He comes to the conclusion "i guess we're scared". Fear of not belonging, fear of doing everything wrong, fear of not being "normal", fear that it will never get better. But at the same time he tries to show that you can also laugh when you are depressed. I believe that anyone struggling with their own demons on their mind can find themselves somewhere in this song.