Why do people always adore the past

Kryptonite person: who is he and what influence does he have on your love life

The term kryptonite human has been on the internet for a while.

However, if you have a kryptonite human in your life, this is no fun ...

It can have a tremendous impact on your love life and future relationships.

This article will take away your fear of your kryptonite human, because nobody else but you controls your life!

Kryptonite man: who is he and what influence does he have on your love life

Hardly anyone can absolve themselves from having a person in their life who shouldn't really play a role anymore, but still has a great influence on their own life.

Some people cling to us and have a permanent place in our hearts, even if we are not always aware of it.

As a rule, these people are part of our past and no matter how long ago they were together, the inner bond is so great that it is quite possible for this person to experience the current life and above all the current relationship, no matter how happy they seem, to question.

A term that gives a deep insight

When you think of kryptonite, you must have images of the fictional character Superman in your head. Just as Superman can be incapacitated by kryptonite, your human kryptonite can incapacitate you and weaken you.

Your personal kryptonite has more impact on your life and relationships than you might think, because it is a part of your past that you are not ready to say goodbye to completely.

Often the feelings linger over years and even decades, because people who were able to touch our soul and heart in a special way often manage to arouse emotions in us permanently.

Often a photo, a song or a certain scent is enough to evoke memories and let the old feelings boil up again.

Even more drastic, of course, is a sudden encounter. If you come across your personal kryptonite in the supermarket and you may not have seen it for many years, then naturally weak knees are only possible and of course old feelings come up again.

The spectrum of emotions can range from longing to hate, and these extremes may even mix.

In any case, your emotional world will be upside down.

The different types of kryptonite

Regardless of whether you were a former crush, a colleague or boss whom you once adored, or maybe even an ex who entered your life at the wrong time and therefore had to leave again, there are simply people you cannot forget.

Positive kryptonite types touch you in a special way. They push themselves into your memory again and again and in the end this guy didn't do anything wrong with you.

Maybe it was just the wrong time or you put your sanity above your love and passion.

This way you can remember this man in a positive way and when you think of him, you may even feel the butterflies in your stomach again, which he once triggered in you.

Perhaps your kryptonite is the man who was the first to evoke the deep feeling of love in you, or the type who once carried you on your hands.

Most of the time, there is a very special love, separation or longing story surrounding the positive kryptonite types.

Destructive kryptonite types, on the other hand, are associated with painful memories that can easily catch up with you many years later and where you have the feeling that you are going through the old pain again.

Often times this is a guy who, in one way or another, made you feel like you weren't good enough.

Devaluations, humiliations and the resulting self-doubts are usually linked to this person in such a way that when you meet or just think of this man you become gloomy again and lapse into self-pity and grief.

Here you should remember that these feelings could only arise because of this Kryptonite human Really discovered your weak points and also exploited them and you also gave him the confidence and thus gave him the opportunity.

Certainly it would be good to get over this guy, but even if you think you've made it, memories of him can always catch up.

Correct handling of the emotion flashback

Kryptonite people manage to evoke great emotions in you after a long time. Even if you think that this can only be a problem with destructive kryptonite types, then you are completely mistaken.

Our positive kryptonites also have the power to shake our lives in the present. Perhaps you have had thoughts at one point where you compared your current partner to your kryptonite and perhaps even questioned your current relationship.

Basically, you should be clear to yourself that the general conditions of every relationship are different and that you too have changed over the years.

Whether you currently have the wrong partner or simply a relationship that fits your current "you" perfectly, This is what you should find out if a kryptonite flashback makes you question your current relationship.

Of course, you can reminisce and remember past relationships, but you should also be aware that the past time will not come back.

It can also be beneficial to think briefly about why you once decided against the relationship with your kryptonite or why there was never a real relationship.

Another consideration should be that not only you have changed, but also your kryptonite person, so that your own emotional world has certainly also changed due to experience and your personal hormone balance.

Certainly positive memories can bring you into doubt, but you should also be very clear about your current life situation and your relationship and not let a fleeting stimulus lead you to rash actions.

It is often good to take a close look at what feelings and needs you associate with your kryptonite. Perhaps this will show you what is missing in your current relationship or you will realize that you already have all of this, just maybe without the exuberant feelings that you usually only have at a young age.

Happy despite being a kryptonite

It should always be clear to you that everyone really carries their own personal memories, injuries and moments of happiness from the past with them.

Your new partner will certainly have a kryptonite flashback every now and then, because men also have their kryptonite women who have a lasting impact on them.

However, you should ask yourself whether you can make your peace with that part of your story or whether it continues to weigh on you today and also weighs on your current relationship.

If this is the case, then take your time and consciously deal with your kryptonite person for a certain period of time.

If you can't fight the power of memories, then you should possibly treat yourself to professional assistance.

As part of psychotherapy, you can get to the bottom of your weak points yourself and you get the tools to actively deal with your scars on your soul.

Learning how to protect your personal weaknesses and how to free yourself from old fears is the best way to create a level that enables you to have a happy future in spite of your kryptonite people in which you can love carefree again.

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