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Bridging days 2021: This is how you make the most of the holidays

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Would you like to treat yourself to an extra portion of relaxation this year and secure the vacation days that are cheapest? With a few tricks you can get the most out of the holidays. Ten days off in a row over Easter in exchange for four vacation days sounds good, doesn't it?

2020 was a flop for travel fans. Canceled vacations, canceled flights: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many vacation plans are initially flat. But there is a ray of hope - because no matter how you spend your vacation this year: It is worthwhile to keep an eye on the annual vacation for 2021 and to distribute the vacation days wisely.

We'll show you how you can get as much free time as possible with as few vacation days as possible.

What are the holidays in 2021?

Most of the holidays this year are unfavorable for employees. The following holidays in the north fall in 2021 for a weekend:

  • Labor Day (May 1st - Saturday)
  • Day of German unity (October 3rd - Sunday)
  • Reformation day (October 31st - Sunday)
  • 1st and 2nd Christmas Day (December 25th & 26th - Saturday & Sunday)

The good news: with a few tricks you can still ensure that you have more days off in a row.

Start the new year relaxed

New Year falls on one in 2021 Friday. If you automatically have holidays off, you will start the new year with a three-day weekend anyway. In addition, you can, for example, take January 4th off and enjoy four days off in exchange for a day off. Sounds good right?


April April

What weekend is Easter? We ask ourselves this question every year. In 2021 you can look forward to a long weekend between Good Friday April 2nd and Easter Monday on April 5th looking forward. Or you can get even more relaxation:

  • Do you take off before Easter March 29 to April 1, 2020, four days off, you have including the two weekends and the two holidays ten days of vacation in a row.
  • If that's not enough for you, you can also get the Take vacation week after Easter (April 6th to 9th) and thus 16 days off from eight submitted vacation days get out.


Always free in June and May?

The May 1, 2021 falls to you to the chagrin of all who otherwise have holidays off Saturday. But of course you can also get a lot out of the coming year around Ascension Day and Pentecost.

The free Thursday too Ascension of Christ falls on the May 13th and thanks to the use of a vacation day on Friday, it offers ideal conditions for a four-day weekend. And then there would be Whit Monday on May 24th.

  • Take the May 14th free as a bridging day and enjoy four days of holiday around Ascension Day.
  • Pentecost gives you from May 22nd to 24th a long weekend. To get more than a week off from it nine days off in a row to do, you can from Take a four-day vacation from May 25-28.
  • For one longer vacation it makes sense To combine Ascension and Pentecost: You can for example between May 13th and 24th For twelve days on vacation drive and need for it only six vacation days.


Golden October? Unfortunately not

Wow, that's tough, because the public holidays in October 2021 will fall flat - just like in 2020: Both the Day of German Unity on October 3 and the Reformation holiday on October 31 fall on a Sunday. There are also no tricks to get more vacation out of there.


Christmas and New Year 2021

Unfortunately, the same will continue in December: in 2021 the Christmas holidays on one Saturdays and Sundays, also New Year falls on one Saturday. So it says: If you want to take a few days off around Christmas outside of the weekend holidays, you should be faster than your colleagues!


The bridging days 2021 at a glance

public holidaysdateVacation / bridging days to be submittedFree days
New YearJanuary 1, 2021January 4th (1 day - can be extended as required)4 (can be expanded as required)
EasterApril 2nd to 5th, 2021March 29th to April 1st (4 days)10
March 29th to April 1st & April 6th to 9th (8 days)16
Labor DayMay 1, 2021falls on a Saturday-
Ascension of ChristMay 13, 2021May 14 (1 day)4
May 10th to 12th and 14th (4 days)9
PentecostMay 23 and 24, 2021May 17th to 21st (5 days)10
May 25th to 28th (4 days)9
May 17th to 28th (9 days)16
Day of German unityOctober 3, 2021falls on a Sunday-
Reformation dayOctober 31, 2021falls on a Sunday-
Christmas / New YearDecember 25th and 26th, 2021fall on the weekend-


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