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The association "Les Ateliers de l'Arc-en-Ciel" was founded in 2016 in Reconvilier by Manuela Torti-Florez, Nadine Linder and Sylvie Zappella.
The project has been relocated to Biel since 2018 and led by Ms. Fatima Simon and Nicole Pahud until June 2020.
A look back at the last two years:
- Several branches have been opened in Biel and Vauffelin, others are being negotiated.
- The number of participating children has doubled.
- During the cancellation of the classroom courses due to COVID-19, a distance learning program was implemented
developed, which is available on our website and on our YouTube channel.
- Various projects to expand our concept and opportunities for more
Partnerships are under negotiation
- An interactive program for older students has already been developed.
After Nicole Pahud's resignation in June, the composition of the board is as follows:
Fatima Simon, President and Sonia Gigon-Crevoiserat, Financial Administration.
Introductory workshops in French and Swiss German are currently being offered on the premises of various Biel schools.
We offer a program tailored to your children. You can learn another language in a playful, creative, auditory, visual and kinesthetic way to encourage better integration of foreign languages.
We have been offering English workshops since the beginning of August 2019 and yoga workshops since 2020.
Every workshop idea, be it in the field of cooking, handicraft, sport or yoga, etc. as well as other suggestions for cooperation are received with great interest.
Our animators are bilingual and want to share their mother tongue with all children in a fun way.
They are employed by the association and are compensated through the workshop income.
The "Arc-en-ciel" workshops offer a unique concept in the bilingual city of Biel.
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